If you post any photos and videos of Joe and Anthony, make sure they're Fair Use. I know Reddit's copyright rules are apparently totally arbitrary and inconsistent, but just use common sense.

83  2019-08-22 by ILoveYouJohnnyCakes

For example, images and video of Joe making a complete ass of himself on the People's Court and at Anthony's book signing do not belong to him. Also, if you post any screenshots of Anthony's social media, obscure his username. I know every other sub on Reddit is allowed to post screenshots of public figures, but Joe DMCAs every one of them.

*Oh, and why is Anthony's ban circumventing Twitter active again? Someone needs to look into that.


Reddit needs to get their shit together. While it's just a silly game for those of us rabidly autistic enough to continue regrouping, abuse of the DMCA system seems like a pretty good way to easily snuff out smaller subs. It's a shame the admins are so retarded.

If that's the precedent Reddit Legal wants to set, then every public figure should bombard them with DMCAs if they don't like the content of a sub which discusses them, right?

Or anyone can just do the same for any sub they don't like.


It’s Orwellian

Sounds like how Toe rogan does that to youtuber who call him on all his bullshit.

Why are you typing with a russian accent?

been drinking bodka brothermen.

Why are you still trying to follow reddits faggot rules? There's no point, maaaan. Fair use? Joe is going to file a dmca claim anyways and they're going to remove it because they don't investigate or give a shit.

Fight fire with fire by reporting Joe for sitewide ban evasion. He's not even supposed to be on reddit after he doxxed SpaceFag.


Do you remember his banned user name?


These are his other known alts.




Thank you for your service.

Let's say, hypothetically, that there's embarrassing Rotgut videos filmed by neither AntH or Joey, would those be fair use?

If the videos are public and just filmed by fans, I don't see why not.

maybe i don't fully get it but the shit he reports/flags is taken care of by an automated system (which just deletes content), is it not? meaning a picture/video of anything is the same as a pic or vid of joe, as long as he can flag any pic/vid won't the exact same shit just happen again? i thought external links were fair game but again i'm not sure

We set the external link rule for images and videos mainly because most of the content is Fair Use, so most hosting sites won't kowtow to Joe's erroneous DMCAs. Reddit Legal barely glances at DMCAs before they remove content/links.

It'd be way to expensive for humans to look at DMCA requests on a site with a hundred million visitors so it's easy to abuse.

But if Reddit is going to take this approach, like YouTube, they should have a process for reporting abusers and talking to real humans

Fans bahahahahahahahahahaha!

You make my life so fucking difficult.

Good bot

So no more Joseph Lane vine videos?

I think those might be on the O&A archive fansite (opieandanthonyarchives.com) if you want to watch them. If they're not on the site, send a request to u/quasi100 to have them added.

Good enough.

I have some, not hosted yet. Working on it. Send me links you have.

Edit: I got these three. No page with a nice thumbnail yet. But heres the sources


Thank you for your service.

So is linking to this huge hogged Brothaman’s site ok???

And TYFYS quasi100

Guys chill it's not even Joe issuing these, The Edge is just unhappy cause people keep confusing him for a racist card-carrying pedophile.

I really really really hope ramonfrunkis isnt full of shit and Sue's joe into the God damn poor house. I've had it with him and his abuse of the DMCA system not only here, but YouTube as well. Fat tub of shit wants free speech for everyone but only if it makes him look good.

Good for u/RamonFrunkis, and he knows if he ends up needing to e-beg for lawyer's fees he'll have no shortage of help from sub members.

If one of the many artists here posted a few renderings of Joe and Ant for us to use in memes instead of their actual pictures, would those still get flagged?

Some were DMCAd, so we need to be careful there too. Fortunately there are plenty of Fair Use photos to work with.

u/quasi100 was kind enough to send this: "FYI,

you can find most of the old sub art https://pholder.com/r/opieandanthony/

I'm working on hosting it all on my site. https://pholder.com/r/opieandanthonyxyz/"

www.redditsearch.io works well too if you know specifically what you're looking for.

Joe thinks he's removing these images from the internet but he's just creating a dozen archives of them hosted by companies who don't even open DMCA emails. This couldn't be better.


It's not just Joe doing this shit. There are a bunch of dumb forum and Discord cocksuckers trying to us banned through false DMCA claims also. They're upset they get banned from the new subs because they think they have some sort of inalienable right to fill the sub with their 4chan-wannabe dog shit.

Every time you see them bragging about it, make sure you message the admins at [email protected]. You can also include screenshots their retarded Discord chat if you can stand to be in there. I've never bothered.

Oh cool the Discord conspiracy people are back

[Citation needed]


Reddit, the most nauseatingly SJW website on the internet, is bending over backwards to accommodate an unironic frothing racist like Joe Cumia and his brother.

Those two want to, at the very least, disenfranchise black people and remove their civil rights, and worse. They would admit to this. They have admitted to this.

Now I know the Reddit admins aren’t doing this on purpose. They’re acting on these DMCA requests without doing their due diligence. I just think it’s funny that the gay communists who run this joint are fulfilling the wishes of two white nationalists.

Way to get manipulated by an actual Nazi, Spez.

That makes no sense because they are black, so are you saying Joe and Anthony are really stupid, self loathing gay blacks?


I think it was someone like that obese slob Dennis Farrell or Joe's hideous hag "girl"friend who shot the video of Joe's humiliating BOC performance.

Can I post pics directly to reddit or is that still a 'no-no'? I would make an Imgur but....lazy.

No, it hurts us more to have them on Reddit's servers, and it hurts them more to have those images and videos somewhere that doesn't accept their erroneous DMCAs. You don't need an account to upload content to most hosting sites.

You do on imgur, is there a better one that doesn't require an account?

No, you don't need an account at imgur: https://imgur.com/upload

Looks like if you are on their desktop site you can get around it, but those fags require accounts for mobile now.

Oh, yeah I always use the desktop version on my phone.

Well it's obvious he's losing. It takes us ten minutes or less to find our new squat. He's investing his entire life just to inconvenience us for two minutes. What an idiot

Public figure is the operative word there. Reddit doesn't see Cumia as a public figure, which may be true seeing as how nobody really knows who he is anymore


One was "sub was unmoderated" and three were over copyright violations.