I think a certain fat, mentally ill, retarded shut-in female's sub should be a place to post as many Joe Cumia pics as possible, you know for archival purposes.

34  2019-08-22 by ILoveYouJohnnyCakes

You know, since she and her fellow Discord losers are gloating another sub got shut down. They might as well have all the Joe pics since they obviously want them on their sun so badly, why sent them?


FYI, here's Emily trying to fit in with the forum autists trying to get the sub banned (note the negative karma, even they hated her): https://imgur.com/a/7VQKyfg

Just end this bickering and have sex with her. Fo da sub.

I'm not bickering, and I don't fuck fat, unemployed, mentally ill shut-ins.

Her bickering. This is what they do when they like you. Shes posting about you every 60 seconds. It wont be so bad.

That's because she has no real life friends and is desperate for attention. She even makes alts that she talks to herself with, and I'm not joking.

she gets mad about people banning her, yet she banned me. shes authentically retarded and obscenely obese. she has an IQ of MAYBE 90.

It would also really suck if their Discord got shut down. Discord made the news recently cracking down on offensive and problematic language and might not like what they say there. I'm not saying anyone should report them. Definitely don't do that.

damn fucking straight, every time this happens she's all "this is the only o&a sub left!". we'll see, whore. i bet she looks like the fat bitch in Happiness who Phillip Seymour Hoffman settles for

also sick of that canuck faggot who keeps taking credit for the banned subs. no-one wants to join your server, dumb fuck

Is "she" really a she? I thought it was just another one of that nutjob Knickers latest emoji-happy incarnations.

Yes, a moron who has no real life friends and never leaves her house, or cell, or cage. Wherever it's owners keep it.

I've heard tell she's also a great big fat person.

I'm lost on this one. Can you catch me up to speed brothaman?

I, too, am totally lost. Perhaps I should be proud?

How was this found out? And is there a pic of it somewhere?

Apparently she called into saiyanz's show one time, voice was female.

Already started, let’s blow that shit up.



NO I ACTUALLY MODERATE MY SUB AND THAT WONT HAPPEN..... u r just jealous of my sub u/ILoveYouJohnnyCakes Nice try ... have fun getting this sub taken down by joe cumia πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ also just to let u know this is me u/sarralinn

Two wrongs don't make a right, brotherman. I say we soldier on with comedy and let the civilians maintain our fallback points. We don't want to draw more heat to this comedy conflagration than necessary, if you catch my drift.

Her sub is only a "fallback point" for retards and Discord losers. SuesAlamo, SuesAlamoHouse, and TerryClifford are the fallback and redirect points for when subs get shitcanned.

Makes sense now why I was seeing so many OA posts on SuesAlamo then. Is there a ""fallback point"" for that sub? Seems it got lost and no longer is about posting pics of Sue. Do you have any pics Sue Lightning?

r/CorradoSoprano4 he's hilarious and he'll keep you informed