Guess I forgot the way I used to be / Lost

163  2019-08-31 by HandsomeBlue


HandsomeBlue got a nigga ribs. Hurtin' today.

Frankie Muniz fashion guide 2003 got me

Could use a little more panic in the eyes.

Nicely done, either way.

THATS NOT PANIC! thats the eyes of a confident successful multi million dollar media empire owner/performer

You know he's wearing mommy's shoes under the desk.

This shit is magnificent.

Still hilarious though

There is a lot going on in this one. Frankie Muniz Fashion Guide? Kramer? lol

How big of a piece of shit do you have to be to have the degenerates of this sub (myself included) hate the racist potato nigger? Carol Fartery is a summmbag

Oh and brilliant work btw, expressive black guy is my guru.

This is tremendous.


That is fucking funny.

The “Cmon baby lets sing karaoke!” picture along with the shocked black guy face. Niggas ribs!

Why does the cigarette-holder piss me off so much?

And that unbearable Dick Cavett-like theme music he uses too.

He's so Fucking behind the times, it's crazy.

He probably thinks his 8-track player is still the coolest invention ever.

He's a ColecoVision in an XBOX 360 world.

Very nice, could use a few sharpies though.