89  2019-08-27 by TheRealJirnNorton


This is getting silly.

We wuz only jokin'.

We dindu...the stuff joe said

We Waz Kangz!

We uhhhhfended some people!

We still have a few more subs before we run out of room.

I am subscribed to 10 unkow opie and Anthony subs just in case

SuesAlamo too.

Pour a bottle of cum out for the homies.

Can't even remember how long each one lasted.

i can hear war hero joe belly laughing, folks. war hero joe wins again!

also, opie is a coprophilic pedophile

I wished more for your heel character.

Eat a shitty diaper nigga

regroup retool rebuild

Also Quan. That nigga died for us too, can't forget him.

And for quality sound at reasonable prices.

This is our Vietnam

Rocket! We need you.

What haappnd? I was just talking to him the other day....

I love this, don't forget sues Alamo too