Fatso is totally unhinged, report this tweet

1  2019-10-02 by Phantas_Magorical


Fatrick “Synagogue Shooter” Tublinson

I can't believe how stupid he actually is. The bitch is completely right.

He's gotta be piss drunk or something

Agreed. He'll be sitting by himself at Hooligans with multiple beers on board after being told to leave the female bar staff alone and venting his range into Twitter on his phone.

He's probably at hooligans right now since there's a Brewers game. Perhaps I'll make a call.


They hung up immediately lol

By the official rulebook of social justice he should hoist himself up on his own petard for "mansplaining"

Now, never used that word before.

But being incredibly rude and cutting off a woman who you're arguing with while identifying as a "feminist ally?"

Heheh. This could be good ammo for later

He's losing it. He's going to cost himself his Twitter account if he keeps this up. It will be all his own fault too

Didnt he drop out of college?

Woman's a smart cookie.

She has a solid point she's trying to nudge him towards while Patrick keeps trying to drop the mic on her like a blithering idiot.

I read that whole exchange and it's baffling how stupid he is. It's like he's becoming a parody of himself.

It's been getting really bad, especially over the last two months. Someone says something to him, he "hears" something similar in his head and then responds to that instead.

Can't wait to hear about how he gets his ass eventually kicked over his drunken blithering on Twitter.

Why does this asshole claim to be a feminist yet constantly attack women? He must be autistic or something.

He has Assburgers, child.

Keyboard commando faggot. No balls and no brains.

He can't even defend his own views lmao, what a child. /u/patrickstomlinson

Wait, you're telling me that ad hominem attacks aren't a good debate strategy??

Please remember to report tweets like these. The last tweet was very aggressive and directed at a woman, no less. I don't know what they do up in Wisconsin, but that shit can not fly on Twitter.

Patrick "Friend of Women" Tomlinson calls her "dear" and "pedant".

He just can't help himself. He's really becoming unhinged, and the more he loses it, the more he reveals of himself.

He's doing all of our work for us. And he's in fear of losing his beloved Twitter, which he values more than his own daughter and second, better wife. That's why he's been DMCAing and deleting tweets. We keep this up, we can have his Twitter gone by Christmas.

He can’t help himself. He is going to lose his Twitter

Fat misogynist

This is his go-to childish response whenever anyone asks what evidence he has to back up his batshit ideas. "It's public record, child. Look it up yourself."

I literally can’t wait until Trump is re-elected in 2020. I will be watching Patrick’s twitter that night, waiting for the moment he decides to go drink himself to death because “the big orange baby won again.”

Someone needs to show Bobbi evidence of his pedophilia

Also I’d like to meekly fuck Bobbi’s face

Funny how he'll only argue with a female. He blocks men within 5 minutes

Patso blocked me it would seem. Oopsie doodles.

Nice archiving, faggot. He deleted his tweet and now I can't laugh along.