Well maybe "run" wasn't the best word to pick Mr. 2:40

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There's no way lardass has friends in real life.

Obese 40+ women limp through half marathons in better time than P-Titty. He was so sure he'd get away with cheating. He was all set to claim it was all his effort and training that got him the result then lord it over people as evidence of his physical prowess, determination and masculine qualities. It all came crumbling down and now he has once again humiliated and emasculated himself. He talked such a big game then ran a time that overweight, older women on their first attempt would run.

This marathon is just like his life. He talked it up, tried to prove himself and crushingly humiliated himself then had to slink away with his tail between his legs. He is a serial under-performer that dangerously over-estimates his own abilities. He thought cheating would be easy and that nobody would be as clever as he is. It's ended in failure again. Just like his books, his marriage, his "fatherhood", his attempt at being a social media personality, he is literally shit at everything except gaining weight and losing hair.

He’s getting banned from marathons for cheating

He runs those half marathons like he supports his kid - not at all.