Reminder: Considerably fatter present day Patso was claiming he had shaved 40+ minutes from his previous best time.

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Or at least he was before he found out was watching him!

Details please

Hey buddy. I’ll try to summarize.

Someone on here got sick of Fatrick’s Instagram claims of a sub 2-hour half marathon and constant boasting about his one record of a 2:15 finish so he or she did some digging. Turns out, Fatty’s 2:15 finish at the Brewers’ Half Marathon is highly suspicious. There’s an out-and-back section of the race that some people have been found to skip. They basically cut the course and shorten their finish time...cheating is rampant is road races and I refer you to for many, many stories of narcissists who cheat and get caught. Their individual tales will definitely remind you of another obese narcissist.

The user from here happens to be a friend of Derek, who runs Derek was made aware of Fatrick, agrees he’s the perfect LOLcow, and although Derek never targets anyone he is definitely going to check race photos and timing mats to ensure that whatever race Fatrick waddles through next, it’s legit. If he cheats, he’ll be caught.

After he read all of this info, Fattycakes shut the fuck about his race goals, “training”, etc. He abruptly changed from daily #marathontraining posts to nothing. This reversal was pointed out on r/firstnamelastname, and Fatrick lost his shit and posted long screeching novellas about us. This went on for a few hours, with Fatty reaching peak levels of “child” comments. He failed to land a punch but flailed like he was having a seizure. Then he got the sub banned, probably via illegal DMCAs.

This leads me to believe he absolutely cheated to get his 2:15 result. 40 year-old Oprah finished a half at 2:16, and the Blob had to cheat to do the same! Think about how crazy and narcissistic that is!

Sorry about the long-winded post. Yesterday was beautiful, he sperged out and showed his true colors. Getting his Twitter is just a matter of time. He’s genuinely mentally ill.

Can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before. Which other years did he actually run?