So here's a pattern of what makes Patso sperg out and get subs banned.

1  2019-09-19 by Jung_Skywalker

FirstNameLastName is now banned. The thing that got him crazy on that sub was someone noticing he had planned to cheat on the next half marathon he was entering. He was bragging about his training times and sub 2 hour goal, but shut the fuck up when we got Marathon Trackers on his ass. He spent all day raging against that post.

On whatever the sub was before that he did the same thing when we noticed he had untagged his gym selfies in a rare moment of self-awareness. He was raging on that post until the sub was banned.

He never comments on any of the stupid pedo/racist shit, why would he. But anything that is true sends him into a fit of autistic rage. Stick to the facts, god knows there is enough to humiliate him with that exaggerations are unnecessary.


Also, exposing him to other groups of people really gets to him. Like the "Actual Tough Guy" post on that r/iamverybadass sub.

Holy shit, I was just there.

The whole weird copyright system that enables these shutdowns is totally fucked.

Reddit finally just started saying "fuck it" recently and just honoring every requests. Subs that have been around for several years, like NBA streaming, are all dropping like flies

You're my fucking lifeline to all this shit. I got you and 3 other guys friended for when this shit happens. If you do anything stupid, do it on an alt account, please.

Glad to be of service, sport.

Just friend Patrick and you'll find us.

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He needs to be ribbed more for the fact that his gym selfies are touched-up like a sixteen-year-olds with cystic acne. Someone is very self conscious about their wrinkles.

I notice he'll leave a lot of the obvious troll comments up on Twitter for awhile so people can see his "spicy" comeback before he ends up blocking the person a few hours later.

But if you ever post something that's true, or something that directly challenges him and his opinions in a mature and logical way, he will block your ass in a minute flat.

That's exactly it. He loves the stuff that looks unreasonable, but latches on to any negative truth with singleminded fury.

The fat "political firebrand" blocked Ben Shapiro lmao! A huge politically conscious audience, and lard face got scared and blocked him!

Imagine being cucked by Ben Shapiro. What a faggot.

oh no not firstnamelastname lol

The 4chan autists are about to have a fucking field day with him. Time to dial his lolcow status to Chris-Chan.

All of it is true as far as i can tell. He can't comment on some things, because it could only add credence to the allegations , child!

“Is rude vulgar and offensive”

Fuck you tubby

He's such a bitch haha

Just so we're clear, the pedo stuff isn't made up exactly. He did rally against an anti-pedophilia group at Worldcon because they were calling out his SFWA friends, and then wrote online multiple times that they had been a group of legit Nazis chanting "blood and soil" in his face until we pulled video of the event from multiple sources that showed nothing of the sort happened.

He was trying to discredit and slander an anti-pedophilia group as something fashionable to get Antifa Twitter faggots to ignore the real problem.

Calling him a pedo is stupid, sure. Calling him a pedophile enabler or propagandist for pedophiles on the other hand has gotten multiple accounts of mine instabanned once I start posting clips of the event or asking for evidence of his fantasy.

He knows he has covered for bad people connected to Cat Rambo and the like for career advancement. Again, facts and he'll run.