Lazy Faggots

0  2019-05-15 by AIIenRicketts


There's always work at Panera!

One faggot complains about his dad calling him a faggot (get a Gf comment) and the other complains that their dad makes them get a job. Total pussies.

I just found this sub yesterday. It’s amazing how gay they are.

But his dad sounds like a rube.

This isn’t a work? This is real?

They’re significantly more pathetic than us. It’s truly astounding.

If they found out how to apply on paneras website, they could be just like us

Seriously. Make some sandwiches and learn that it’s way better to call Layla’s dad a retard than your own.

All this soyboy beta male bullshit can be traced back to American fathers not being able to beat their children anymore, I'm convinced.

You’re not wrong but soy boy is an equally gay person thing to say so this is a bit of a draw

There's no need to police my words, sir, don't we have the commonality of language?

deep breath It’s a tough one, man.

The same kind of faggots that complain about not getting pussy, but won't do anything to improve themselves.

Like that actually works

Snickering behind the NEETs backs instead of telling them to their faces makes you even more of a faggot.

No, it really doesn’t. You’re more than welcome to invite them into this thread if it’s so important to you, fag.