I like a good vodka like anyone else (grey goose usually). But anyone else here like Taaka or Popov? For whatever reasons. Hobo vodka for the win.

4  2019-05-10 by Jesuskush666


Kirkland France version is good.

Costco I assume?


I used to drink heavily, and Taaka had a nice funky aftertaste to me. For normal days I liked Goose or Tito’s but I totally relate to going off script with some nice rotgut like Taaka for a change.

Dude Taaka with some fruit punch just burns right. And it kicks in pretty fast (on an empty stomach anyway)

They all kick in the same, stupid. Alcohol is alcohol.

I usually just buy Tito's

summer of titos

did you know tito started his own company in his shack with only one dog to fuck?

That's the American Dream.

Popov goes good

I like a nice bud light

Ketel One

I enjoy a McCormick's garnished with sunflower seeds.

I love Vodka, but it makes me very violent sometimes. I got very drunk on some awhile back, and I put on my MAGA hat and walked around the neighborhood, which is about 90% black, with a gun in my pocket wanting for someone to say, or do something.

Did any of them see you at least

You should have walked around with a bottle of bleach and a noose

They are almost all the same, dude, it's just alcohol and water. It's all marketing. Like maybe the cheapest ones are made with inferior alcohol, but the rest of them are all the same. I'm Russian so I drink vodka since I was 12. It's all the same.

Grey Goose is noticeably better I think but still not worth the extra money

Just look up how it was created. It's literally the same vodka as everyone else is making, mixed with random alcohol bought somewhere that other generic vodkas buy and mix. No value added anywhere, but in the marketing department. Don't mean to bring you down, but I like vodka and reading stuff.

Nah you're probably right anyway, I only had it once or twice so I'm probably just tasting the happy memories

There was a Russian vodka I used to drink that had their lettering on the bottle, I forgot what it was called but it was some of the best I've had. Shit went down smooth as hell.

Good one, and not too expensive in Russia, it was my drink of choice as well. Водка Русский Стандарт.

Absolut Citron and diet dew for some real white trash summer day drinking hi-jinx

Remember, kids - Brita filters aren't just for water.

Nobody likes vodka except women and alcoholics.

My friends and I would drink Taaka all the time in our teenage years, it was cheap as fuck.

One time a friend and I were wrestling around in his garage and he slammed me on the ground hard as hell. He was a big dude so I lost my breath and smacked my head on the concrete floor. I was sort of out of it and went to the kitchen to get some water, and I saw a cup of what I thought was water, so I grabbed it and downed it. My friend was trying to tell me "no, it's vodka!", but it was too late. I had chugged the whole plastic cup full of vodka before I could even taste it. He had filled the cup with vodka because another friend was going to come over and take some home with him.

I ended up blacking out and puking on their living room floor that I passed out on. Thankfully his mom took care of me so I didn't choke on my vomit. Those were some great times.

That's gotta be the worst story I've ever heard

Yeah, it's not that great, reading it back

I never understood this horseshit. It all tastes the same. I remember seeing some stupid 20/20 type thing where they had people try different vodka but lied and said the cheap stuff was grey goose. Not one of those retards could tell the difference. Vodkas for faggots anyways

When I had my run at alcoholism it was good old Smirnov. Cheap, no taste and very mild hangovers.

Brown liquor only , faggots

Found a old bottle of Nikoli,drank it,next day shit blood.Never Again.