See if you can watch the whole thing. Personally, it rocked me too hard and I had to stop for my own safety.

11  2019-08-08 by AIIenRicketts


Tapped out. Embarrassed for Bruer

Are you sure it’s not just that old/school, riff-driven hard rock music isn’t for you?

Holy fuck. Who is this for? I got all the references, but they weren't funny or clever at all and he's a really bad singer. I don't know who is supposed to enjoy this. Just Jim Breuer I guess.

At one point, that music was "edgy" and that's what drew these boomers to it when they were kids because their WWII vet dads didnt listen to that shit.

Now retarded boomers run things and are in charge so they use cringey rock ballads as a way to recreate feeling edgy. Nowadays you can admit to doing coke (obama) and grab women by the pussy and still be president. No one thinks ac/DC is edgy

Breuer is not a boomer, he's pure Gen X. That said, his "dad who rocks" bit is gayer than Jimmy's dildo drawer. Breuer has shit taste in music regardless of when he was born. He's into the crap he heard at the keggers he went to and the IROCs he drove around in, he knows zilch about any of it and only likes it for the most superficial of reasons. Breuer misses smoking dope and wants to relive his glory days through this awful music.

Holy shit, you're right -- I thought he was born in 1960.

I think because his dad had him when he was old, he got more of that dipshit boomer swagger. But, you're absolutely right, he was born squarely in Gen X

I've always liked Breuer but his taste in music is pure cheese. I know lots of dudes like him, listening to the same ten albums over and over and over again forever more. IMO he should just start smoking weed again and stop with this bad foolishness.

This is what happens when nobody feels like they can say “no” to you.

Gonna enjoy this and Leary’s “Kiss My A$$” with a nice Sculpin.