The moment Blue Oyster Cult's heroic guitar tech signals to cut Joe from the rest of the show.

64  2019-07-23 by Jung_Skywalker


In true bovine fashion, he has a self-satisfied, oblivious smirk on his face as it happens.

And he continues to try to keep ripping an epic solo just like Eric but his volume has already been cut.

That's such a funny detail. He's fat fingering the hell out of his guitar with no sound coming out.

He got the gig

This is great. Incoming DMCA!

Because it's imajur that isn't a reddit problem though right?

It's more of a People's Court problem.

"The Cult Of Unicorns" discord sounds totally cool and not gay at all.

Thanks hookermouth

Yeah you fags keep saying that. You also think my name is Zachary and I'm from Illinois, right?

Who were you arguing with?

A discord faggot

Haha say no more

HAHAHA Joe really thought he was rockin out. But he was just making a complete fucking idiot of himself like he does every single time.

duuuuuhhh naaaaaauh nuhhh na nah.

Can you freeze frame the moment the Blue Oyster guitarist quickly pointed to then flipped Joe the bird while pushing up his glasses.

A gif of the moment the singer does the "turn it the fuck down" gesture and shrugs and walks away would be good too.

Joe had the video up for almost 5 years. I guarantee you it was one of his proudest moments playing with an actual rock band instead of Fake Bono, a pissy eyed faggot, and Joe Currie. He didn't even realize what a complete ass he made of himself until it was pointed out the other day. Moooo, you fucking idiot.

Reminds me of this old gem.

Back before Bill Burr became Bill Hill.

That’s not a guitar tech. That’s the new guitarist for some time now

Even better.

Joe taking a victory lap with that peace sign after fucking up beyond belief. There's nothing on earth as clueless as a Cumia.

Wait he’s wearing a call of duty t shirt too hahaha that’s golden