Cumia dicksucker and subpar content creator gets a a faggy tattoo.

25  2019-06-23 by AIIenRicketts


Let his genes be wiped from the earth

Luckily there’s very little chance he’ll get to reproduce.


This ain't no hotrod magazine pal!!!

I'm about meeting guys, I'm about meeting girls.

wut's ya fuckin prawblem, pal

One of those things you'd see on a listicle and think "Hmm, that's kind of clever" as long as you don't know the person.


Is he going to keep shaving his arm, too?

Arm hair is not going to make that tattoo any more retarded, considering that he's going to hand draw on it.

I like when he takes the still image and makes the mouth move. Scary talented, this guy.

"if you were going to get a tribute tat, why didn't you go for a picture of him before the chemo?"

That's what I would have thought if I saw this on some random guy

I wanna play ‘connect the dots’ and make the Phantdumb of the Opera.

Someone called cokelogic a circus tent sized bag of shit on the old sub. If youre out there just know you got a nigga ribs hurtin.

He got a tattoo of Edward Norton with cancer?

subpar content creator

Feeling generous today are we?