Joe Cumia storytime with the esteemed doctor and NEET-swindler, Jordan Peterson

115  2019-08-21 by Single_Action_Army


Nothing against Beige's voice, but I hope we can use technology to make the Joe Cumia docs sound like they were narrated by Ron Perlman.

Joe would get off on that. He's been dying for Perlman to acknowledge him for years. Dummy doesn't realize Perlman muted him the first time he saw Joe in his replies.

If you block somebody, that stops everybody from seeing it

122 IQ!!

ANYBODY can do it!

This was genius.

I believe the child spit story

Frankly I see no reason not to

Multiple sources have confirmed kids were seen running around with dry mouths.


Vurrrrry guuuuuud

I'm actually amazement at bewilderment that this technology exists, I feel like a boomer witnessing crtl alt del for the first time. Is it just splicing of words from audiobooks or something? It has to be.

Between this and Deep Fakes I'm seriously worried about being implicated in something

it will also soon invalidate everything we see and hear, the idea of everything being FAKE NEWS is around the corner.

It's a prefect defense on the flip side


That's what Obama said.

The AI just learns how to emulate everything: Timbre, Gait, long theres enough material to draw from. With Jordan, he has tons of speaking engagements, plus audiobooks he’s narrated.

It’s scary, because now this presents the problems of “deep fake” within media, and how anyone can lead anyone else along through this new tech. But it’s also funny and wonderful, when it’s used to bash stupid Joe.

Nice nuanced evaluation of modern technology, stupid.


Might also throw us back into the 19th century forensically. Video and audio becomes useless. How long til you can create fake DNA evidence too?

Gonna be interesting.

Being that we’re only given a 15 minute break, I was on the fence about using up 3 of those minutes not shitting or masturbating...PFG decision. Great work.

Omg my fuckin ribs. Holy shit

I'm sure this won't catch on and this sub certainly won't jump on this technology to further humiliate JoeH and AntH.

That's fawkin' funny brotherman

u/DOXXER100, comment?....You fucking faggot?

Over 4,000 views, Joe. Your brother had no intention of making you famous, but no worries, this sub made it happen.

I hope he tries to sue Peterson.

this is gold

That's creepy.

Fawkin’ Amazing

We need to use this technology to make new O&A shows.

Pure genius

Holy shit, I'm in awe. I didn't want it to end.


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How are people making these

Hilarious, can't wait for the next chapter.