Fucking lol! All of Pulitzer Pat's posts have been removed from the Triumph thread, but all the insults were left intact.

53  2019-09-07 by Jung_Skywalker


Now that's moderation!

Yet another community he desperately wanted to be a part of has rejected him outright.

Everywhere he goes it ends the same but he’s never the problem. Everyone else is always wrong, right Fatty?

Think he still has alerts when his username is posted? I do. He could be missing out on a chance for a viral zinger in politcs

R/triumph mods are nazis, child

We've established he's mentally unstable, child...

He was probably banned too. His circle of online 'friends' continues to shrink.

love it when the insults are a complete character destruction which you can't really come back to

fair play b-b-b-boys

Didn't that happen in the scifi sub too?

It was a pretty funny thread also.