Hey Patso, see this? This is real man behavior, in a way cosplaying as a sports fan and drinking yourself to death will never be.

48  2019-09-07 by Jung_Skywalker


Pat's 8 year old daughter: Patso, how long ago did you stop fighting for me?

Fat alcoholic: T'will be coming up on 9 years ago, child.

"I gave up my child, child."

You don't think giving up right away and then spending the next few months crying and drinking every day isn't real man behavior?

The only thing lower would to also be a red blooded American male riding around on a Limey motorbike that's built in Thailand.

Especially being from Milwaukee, home of Harley Davidson. He blocked my legit, non trolling account for simply bringing it up, I wasn't even being shitty yet. I suggest it as a talking point if you want to piss him off. That's definitly NOT supporting working people or the local economy, not very woke if you ask me.

HD is dying, workers are getting laid off, unions dying, and he's contributing to it. One of his most hypocritical positions, and he knows it.

He values his Twitter more than he does his own flesh and blood.

If he had to choose between having social media or having “his daughter” there’s no doubt he’d stick with Twitter.

That's obvious considering he probably spent thousands to get his twitter account back - but not one penny to get partial custody of his daughter.

I know it's fun to bash Pat, but real talk: There are people around today that would actually be offended and triggered by this photo.

I'm so tired of this gay clown world.

It's all so tiresome...

That shit is 99% imaginary internet bullshit. No one in real life behaves like that

Or...not many people would react if they saw it in real life, but they will react on the Internet. But across both planes, they still feel the same way for some reason. That’s my point.

Nah I think you're taking the fantasy world of internet culture wars and imagining they're real.

I bet there's a much more sinister reason he's LEGALLY not allowed to see his daughter.

He was totally into the picture, until he read the caption.