Never forget this masterpiece

110  2019-08-28 by Bovine_Retard


Love the classics. Hope Patrick adds this one to his book

"Figure 1: an example of the sub's so-called 'humor'."

Should be sold along da Hemingways and Faulkners tbhwybm


Seconds after reading the dedication page of his first book.


Got a niggas ribs hurtin’.

These were the best! Pat would always say “and then I called him a child!” While everyone around him kills them self to get away from his annoying ass.

wasn’t that the original caption for this one?

I fucking love the level of detail you guys put into these.

Forgot about this one one. Holy shit these last couple days have been fucking great going back after Fatrick Boyrapeinson. Management is loving the direction reddit again.

I'm laughing my balls off at work and can't explain myself to anyone around me.

What gets me his fagtrick trying to explain the situation to someone. Even if he were totally honest everyone would think he's insane. Even I don't believe how this all came about.

funny to think this all started because of one tweet saying norm wasn't funny


This can be found in the Milwaukee P.D. "Chuckles" file