Women can go bald?

1  2019-10-03 by theshuzz


Haggard old cunt.

“God damn rich cunt”

She's bald?

She's BALD!

The bitch looks like a balding Brian Dennehy. Thehair probably comes out in clumps.

Easier for joe to pretend she's a man if she goes bald

Crypt-keeper ass nigga

Hope she didn’t squirt all over Penn; a real celebrity.

Joe was prob cursing and wringing her panties out as she drove on the ride home.

You sure that's not a BaldOpie masterpiece?

It’s the lighting! You people are so mean to me.

How long before she looks like Devin Townsend?

What the fuck is with this old idiot and call of duty shirts.

It’s probably one of the only shirts that he has that he thinks fits and hides his fatness. He’s really packed on weight since he publicly announced he was starting a successful diet.

The secret of the HAMCUBE diet is that you put on weight FIRST before entering FAT BURNING MODE, Joe has this all planned out like the scientifically minded person he is. No bacon, egg, cheese on a roll this morning...

He doesn't remember you stupid, you reminded him multiple times and he begrudgingly took this photo with you.

He's making it seem like Penn recognized him from the stage and wanted to get a photo with him.

Both Penn and Teller take pictures with any and all audience members that want to after every single show as they exit the theater.

Yep the same walls. Idiot acted like he had a private sit down with him.

he might vaguely remember being on O&A many years ago as an occasional thing he did to promote his magic act. There's no way he had any idea who "Brother Joe" was

I'm surprised he brought out the call of duty shirt with sleeves. Looks like a fancy night out

"My brother is Anthony from the Opie and Anthony Show."

"Oh yeah, I remember that show.."

That's him "remembering" Joe

Think Anthony could get him now? No? Why ever not?!?!??

god shes ugly. fuck.

Her face ruined my dinner

"he remembered us" don't you mean you accosted him at the aftershow meet and greet and proclaimed "im anthony cumias brother, do you remember my brother?" The fucking idiot makes it sound like Penn was walking about and spotted joe and csrol and thought "best say hi to two old acquaintances"

Nice hand me down shirt from your brother's pile of free T-shirts from Rockstar games before he got arrested and became persona non grata there, stupid.

Fuckin' thirsty for fame ain't he

Teller doesn't usually talk but he called Joe a boomer faggot and said he could smell carol's rotten cunt from the stage. He then refused to take a photo with them.

Hi, fatty-patty-!

I hope today is treating you well! Have a good one!


Fuck yourself faggot bot.

It's from all that squirting.

These people came out of a Iron Maiden album cover.

how do you even get call of duty shirt? do you buy it like a dipshit or was it some freebie?


Penn probly barely remembers irrelevant Anthony. This faggot annoyed so many security guards saying he’s his brother