I evolved

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This one is barely funny, I just wanted to draw fat and slim Jim side by side. Here it is without text as if anyone cares

Frighteningly accurate though

Norton is kinda like Billy Corgan, in that he's only good when he is fat.


Billy Corgan...that's a band, right? - Norton

I haven't heard it.

Virgin Jim Norton vs Virgin Jim Norton

"I need to tinkle DESPERATELY."

He changed like early Elmer Fudd


I like that he’s shorter in the second one.

and gayer

From "puddle of AIDS" to actually having AIDS: the Jim Norton Story.

Number 2 accurately depicts Jim as a manlet whose suits don't fit.

I hate the slug, but if I had to choose, at least early 2000s Norton was occasionally funny. He should’ve stayed fat in my opinion. Since he lost weight he’s acted like he’s some woke, brilliant faggot.