Yeah I'm kinda thinking that Patso's Twitter has to go soon.

22  2019-09-13 by PsychopathyRed

He's really bad at it. Ineffectual you could say. I wanna spray some seeds down Niki's throat. I wanna see him back on Facebook and Instagram LANGUISHING IN ANONYMITY.


Well he’s autistic so give it some time, it won’t be loving before he threatens to harm someone, he is a tough guy after all

How about a Pat Watch bot? You can subscribe to it and send it links to reportable tweets that the bot then sends out to all subscribers. Would it be pointless overkill or useful?

Seriously useful

(I'm imagining your endeavor snowballing into a skynet situation and far in the future, after we're all dead and gone, there will be an army of robots shooting laser beams at Pats Descendants)

The only way this all should end.

not a bad idea, is there a way for the bot to automatically screenshot/archive pats post before he could take it down? just in case it is explicitly violent, that would be dope.

I'm actually concerned he might do something with the way he has been acting on twitter.

Hopefully Milwaukee PD put him on some kind of list!

Yeah, the Pay-No-Mind list. Thermos, job site, etc.

The plebeian wants his Twitter taken away. The patrician tries to gets his guns confiscated.