Not to get all political, but

19  2019-09-26 by PsychopathyRed

comparing holding down and moderating Mexicans and Guatemalans (or whatever the fuck) who are TRYING TO GET INTO A COUNTRY for the purposes of - and not limited to - reducing child trafficking...

...not exactly the same as rounding up Jews and queers and Jehovah's Witnesses and ethnic German Catholics who protested the Nazis, and then working them to death and gassing them (which is... well I won't go there).

So yeah, Patrick is a retarded child, child, child.


The sort of person who visits nazi death camps on his honeymoon, with the express intent of virtue signalling about it on the internet, isn't who I would approach for historical analysis.

"But I WENT to Dachau!"

So what, little one?

Southpark acted like a Mexican Joker would be terrifying, but could you imagine a Mexican Batman?

Also, the Jews didn’t travel from other countries voluntarily in order to get to the camps. And, oh yeah, the Jews weren’t allowed to just leave and go home whenever they wanted.

I'm gonna need some proof of them actually using gas as means of execution, child.

That's where I fall short, little sweet apple pie child.