We really are the Jews of Reddit

21  2019-09-24 by PsychopathyRed

Banished from 109 subs

We hate JC


I've been compared to a lot of things over the years, but this one....

This one really hurts.

At least I didn't call us a bunch of Cumias

It does seem like a toss up between hook nose pirates and gypsies

Look, I just like a bargain you fuck

Don't be so meshuggenah

Actual nazis hate us and authority figures go along with the nazis for their own self-preservation plus how tedious it would be to make a stand and oppose nazis.

Our birthright is to a Walmart in New Jersey.

I'm working on convincing the admins to let me manufacture a large pool of upvotes that I will then resell to them at a reasonable price (plus interest)

I’d like to think we’re at least the self hating kind. You know, cuz they’re terrible people.

You got a lotta chutzpah

if that's true, I'm the Ashkanazi then. Niccce!

No no no, child, we're all smelly fat, wandering Hasidic Jew's of the internet

Mizrahi here