The hollow words of a liar

1  2019-05-25 by PsychopathyRed

"I've just been informed that my quarterly visits with my daughter will be cut to a single supervised visit per year, and a Skype call on her birthday. Why? Because, that's why.

Parents, if you love your children, don't make my mistake. Don't ever, EVER sign your rights away. Maybe you think it would be better for your child not to grow up in a split home. Maybe you believe your ex will be reasonable. Maybe you still have residual love for them. Maybe you think they can be trusted not to hurt you in the most cruel, selfish, and destructive way possible.

I'm here to tell you, It's a mistake. Something changes, and the person you once loved and trusted with everything dies. Do not give the person who replaces them that much power over you and your child. Any chance that they will abuse it is too high to risk. Keep your rights, fight for visitation, pay the child support.

Because believe me, as bad as it is, the alternative is worse. It is the only regret I carry."


Taking bets for the amount of time it will take him to go on a D-Fens style rampage across Milwaukee.

They'll catch him at the first McDonald's

theyll catch him at the first burger king on his was to the first mc donalds

fatty gotta carbo load, thats what the marathon pros do child

He's actually armed too.

Been saying for a while now lot of red flags with this dude. Armed, delusions of persecution, fanatic political obsession, disillusionment with the real world and now he's losing access to his kid.

Yep. He is mentally ill on a "threat the public" scale. Delusions of persecution but also delusions of grandeur. He has a messianic complex and a desire to become a martyr. He has an actual manifesto. The only thing stopping him from shooting up the next trump rally is that he is fat, lazy, stupid and a coward. But I won't rule anything out.

Hes really suspicious

Lol this dude probably abused his child. The courts don’t just haphazardly decide to take visits away. Fucking deranged psychopath. I think I’ll go negatively review his book again

They arbitrarily decided he could only see his daughter once a year, supervised, and one Skype call on her birthday. I don't trust what he says.

Yeah hes absolutely full of shit

he got “emotionally manipulated” into signing away his rights

as in “sign this quietly or i go to the cops about those pictures i found on your laptop”

The courts actually force me to see my daughter. It’s fucking bullshit and I envy Patrick for that only.

I just pitched a tent after reading his misery.

can you get me a link to this, we need to start compiling all these rants about not seeing his kid

archive all his gun posts

and show that “joke” he closes his “stand up” with about contemplating if going to jail is worth killing his wife

this man is a threat to his ex wife, someone needs to send this shit to the proper authorities asap

Jan 5, 2015

It is the only regret I carry

That and about 80 lbs of adipose tissue.

Something very dark must have happened, this man is a danger to children.

The only regret? Not you leather trench coat? Your motorcycle? Your level of fitness? Your DUI? Your Dumbo-eared lesbian wife? Fucking those kids (allegedly)? Defending pedophiles? Baiting anonymous autist on the Internet?

According to Joe, these are the types of posts that he reported hundreds of haha

Does he really have a DUI? Wouldn't he have a mugshot too?

That poor child, what did he do to her?


That just doesn't happen unless a) the man genuinely doesn't give a shit about the kid and willingly signs away his rights and responsibilities or b) he did something fucked up like physically abusing the woman or child.

The good news for that little girl is that she's in much better hands now. Jonathan works every hour God sends him to provide a wonderful home for his family and all the extras they deserve. He is also obviously a far more stable and respectable father figure for the child than an alcoholic with delusions of grandeur like Fatrick.

Then there's the husband role. Again, J-man wins hands down. Calm, comfortable in his own skin, masculine. Adrienne never had it so good and it shows on her. They clearly enjoy each other's company and he's frequently pumping superior, son-making loads into her. It's a match made in heaven and a much healthier environment for the little one, child.

If I was still drinking with twitter and social media I would be an EMBARRASSMENT. Let me ask you this, after you have a few beers, do you get the spins? Some people like Allen Carr's "Easy Way" books but I haven't read them.

Be good, brother.

Bad bot.

The woman in a MAGA hat he propositioned his readers to beat up was...

his daughter?

A million dollars that post was originally about his twitter account, but he had second thoughts and made last minute edits.