The likely origin of the "Rollins standing up for persecuted minorities" bit

10  2019-05-13 by HandsomeBlue



When the girl says "Get In The Van", and he pauses for a bit and looks up... he has practiced that expression and neck movement so many times in the mirror.

He'd be the easiest guy to troll, too. He's autistic and doesn't really understand irony.

Christ, you weren't kidding. That was some straight up Zoolander shit.

Interesting point. His yammering too reminds me a bit of Jim Norton. The two are starting to blend into one.

Sensitive faggot immediately thought everyone was laughing at him, what an insecure weirdo.

You sound like a little bitch

He really assumes a fuck of a lot. And like my grandmother always said: "when you assume, you make a cocksucker of yourself."

Kudos to that young lady who got Rollins all worked up.

is this scripted? he couldn't wait to crash-test his monologue on those cool chicks.

He can't lose an argument if he has his pet victim in tow

He thinks he’s being hyper self aware in front of her but she’s clearly embarrassed by/for him.

This was great cringe, is there a whole show of him going around getting fucked with?

I like seeing him in candid arguments and conversation. When he's off his soap box he's like a nervous child.

"So, so, so, so, so, so you're saying I'm a square, old, pretentious asshole?"

"I wasn't saying that at all, but yes. You are."

"I am the bourgeoisie they are the proletariat."

What an autistic spaz