"So, you only get a handful of likes per Instagram post, but you have nearly 5000 people who hate you on Reddit? That sounds a little far-fetched, child."

2  2019-04-30 by PsychopathyRed


He's prolly gonna flag that one, man.

No fucking shit

Look everybody, it's the Columbo mod with the 14 day old account. Grow a set you fucking quim.

You ran like a bitch from a guy with an xmen name because he happens to know that you're a childless middle-aged junkie, I'm hardly concerned with what you consider growing a set.

Found another Emily alt. Die of syphilis you discord cunt.

Way to show me how to grow a pair, by blocking me the second you get called out for being a fucking poser.

It is so sad that this piece of shit is pushing this violence.