Patrick is the beta male version of Denis Leary

16  2019-04-30 by PsychopathyRed

Unlike Denis, Patrick is fat and doesn't smoke and is into faggot ass capeshit. But much like him, his material is lifted or heavily derivative of somebody else and he still fails to be funny. Leary's 'Asshole' was the only noteworthy thing he did, much like Pat's 'Nobody can answer my abortion conundrum!' bullshit.

Denis Leary parlayed theft into a decent career and stardom. Patrick would've --

ah forget it. I hate Pat and Denis Leary is also a faggot.


Dennis Leary stole from Bill Hicks, and then Patrick went on to become fat. Coupla hack frauds by various metrics.

Intelligent, sci-fi adventures that make people chuckle is Douglas Adams.

Quiff, Triumph and sunglasses is James Dean.

Spending two solid minutes ponderously explaining the Israel situation to a silent audience is pure Hicks.

Patrick is the beta male version of Lizzy.