Not a faggot? I kinda like Derosa

0  2019-04-27 by Jesuskush666


Nice dell laptop, stupid.

Better quality than whatever shit box Patrick uses.

Liking Derosa? Well that makes one of us bud.

you guys want to go out for some milk shakes and fries sometime?

I think Joe would prefer some broiled KFC and some mashed potatoes and gravy.

Mashed potato bowls with extra gravy is great.

He dips fries into gravy then mash. Genius in a slovenly Roland sort of way.

But do your black friends like him?

Black friends?.. ha ha hahahaha.

I always thought he got a bad rap here. He did say the stupid black friends line but , he knew Ant better then most and seen his friend become obsessed with race. He was OK on air and great on the Vos roast and he did own Troy Quan in there argument. When you have to result in violence cause you can't keep up comedically then you lost.

Yeah, I know he's a sensitive man to the point of being half a fag but he was fine on air. And that uninformed stuff with Burr is listenable. He played his part and im fine with that. I don't seek his stuff out but I like him way better than any Rogan comics or any fags like Luis J or Big Jay

When you say rogan comics you mean LA comics and yes most stink. But LOS and their New York scene is keeping offensive humor alive at this point. Have you watched Luis's new special?

No I haven't. I think joe is alright, in a retarded gay cousin kind of way. That's all I'm saying

Check out Luis special, it's really good. Everyone hates Luis for a bit until you realize he is pretty good. Think you can listen to it on youtube track by track. Or find a torrent.

Alright cool, I'll check it out brotherman

He's wearing a jacket with two fake arms like a cape so it looks like he has shoulders.

He got back on my good side when he went back on Count Cumias show with Artie and started tossing around the word retard and faggot.