Imagine being 39 and still liking those fucking Marvel movies

209  2019-04-24 by PsychopathyRed

I'm talking about Patrick.


I'm on board with this 100%.

Never got into the superhero shit. People will compare these movies to personal life situations all the time. Straight-up autism

He doesn’t just like them. If you made a pie chart of his interests you would realize his life is devoted to that crap. And Trump is Hitler.

If you made a pie

You lost him there

SJW fag shit.

The calendar at my office only had Easter on it and then a dorky co-worker wrote in "Avengers: [Whatever the sequel's name is]" and "GOT Final Season." A grown man getting excited about this shit like it's a religious holdiay.

(The same co-worker owns a "Make Donald Drumpf Again" hat.)

Do you work at a faggot factory?

Don't we all?


Do they have any openings?

I bet all their openings are filled.

Figures. All the best jobs are taken


Well I just embarrassed myself at work. Line of the day.

That’s what I call my mother.

What a surprise.

There's a battle between GOT and Marvel movies for faggot supremacy and it doesn't matter who wins, because they're all queer

The books GoT are based on are excellent and not at all childlike as opposed to comic books that are fables for fidgety seven year olds with 20 page attention spans.

One has superheroes, the other has flying dragons. People think GOT is acceptable because they attend viewing parties with other adults who rip on comic book movies themselves. Unfortunately, just because you bring your wife to your GOT party, doesn't make you less of a fag


Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning. Every stool was looser than the one before, and smelled fouler. By the time the moon came up, she was shitting brown water. The more she drank the more she shat, but the more she shat, the thirstier she grew.

Here comes the pre

Old Danerys with the loose bowels

Game of Thrones the TV Show is basically now low fantasy cape-shit. GRRM is a talented storyteller, the showrunners of GoT are definitely not!

You can tell when GRRM turned over the writing duties. The show sucks really bad now.


Its formulaic Disney bilge coming up on its 25th installment and you just reminded me how many disgusting people think of Avengers: Endgame as the "Real Easter."

This grown man at my job got a white walker tattoo on his forearm. Total faggot

Is this worse than Pats lord of the rings text arm band?

Is that what that is? Thought he had barbed wire to go with his faggy motorcycle.

I have a friend that got a deception logo tattooed on his arm and a Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo on his neck

We live amongst grown children


Why do those supposedly on "the left" so eagerly worship the products the media sells? At least anime fans are ashamed of being faggots. I hate that it's now "normal" to be like this.

(((no idea))) man

Why do those supposedly on "the left" so eagerly worship the products the media sells? At least anime fans are ashamed of being faggots. I hate that it's now "normal" to be like this.

I think parents would be stunned to find out how subversive these scenes are.

For instance, I was big into anime when I was in junior high. We would routinely watch movies in the basement with other dudes, and there was always that one old guy who showed up. He was 40-50yo, lived with his mom.

In hindsight, I now realize that was a fucking pedophile. He got into anime because he wanted to hang out with 14yo boys.

As for comics, to a large extent they're quite pornographic. The guys that draw this stuff, they literally copy pornography:

Now, the big question:

Why are 39yo men into comic books?

The answer is simple:

The 80/20 rule. In 2019, 20% of the men are fucking 80% of the women. So if you're in the 20%, you have no interest, if you want to see some tits you'll just go fuck your wife or your girlfriend. But if you're in the 80%, your entire life rotates around the MCU, Playstation 4, and porn. There's usually some hate for Trump thrown in as well, because Donald Trump is basically the poster boy for a one-percenter. I guarantee you, DJT has not seen "Captain Marvel."

This is an amazing troll, or the gayest thing I've ever read by the end. I bow to your use of incel delusion and homoerotic desire for the least manly men who act the least like men but somehow men who never learned to be men see an ignorant spoiled boy still acting like one as an elderly aged person and get hard for it.

"Quite pornographic".

You're a fucking imbecile.

Meet some comic book artists. They largely copy porno mags. They always have a giant stack of magazines in their studios. They just shuffle through them and find pictures that fit the story.

I was shocked when I found out too, I though they just drew shit off the top of their head.

Haha what a goofy last name. That'll show one of the most powerful people in the world! Trump's probably quaking in his boots as I speak.

Haha and he has small hands. ROASTED orange man.

I too was looking forward to game of thrones final season and think the donald has always been a piece of shit.

I don't know anything about the marvel movies though.

So I still suck either way but I'm fine with it

Definitely a faggot that nobody loves

He space edge

39? Imagine being older than a teen.

Ha ha, holy shit! Too old for my tastes.

Fuck y'all niggers I like comic book movies and I'm that age. Now would you like avacado on that salad for an additional $1.50?

Explain the appeal

Grew up reading comics, so a part nostalgia. The rest is that they are well acted and smartly written for the most part. Idk man its a tough one, I mean is the hate from the source being comic books? I really don't see the difference between this or if you like the alien movies.

I hate how they have to have a bunch of diverse characters so everyone can be included. I like exclusion and people feeling bad about themselves

That's what a lot of Marvel was for years before the films came out though. It's why Stan Lee created the X Men. Just off to quickly kill myself after writing that, brb

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Kill yourself.

Stan Lee is a national treasure.

Fuck off, weird bot.

It's not that the source is comic books, it's that the movies are Hollywood bullshit that appeals to the "omg I'm such a nerd, Thanos lol" crowd. Red Dead is good not because it's about gay cowboy shit, it's good because it has relatable characters. Just using that as an example.

It's why I've hated Star Wars my entire fucking life. Why write complex, nuanced characters when you can just have a retarded Wookie, a gold robot who's a gay English stereotype and a trash can that just goes bleep blorp? It's gay shit, dude.

Fair I don't particularly care for the fake nerd culture either,they are fucking annoying and I get that believe me. I'm not banging a drum when I go and telling everyone how cool I am because I know who these characters are before hand. honestly for the most part I usually wait and watch them at home so I don't have to associate with said douches.But hey I'm not trying to convert here hate away my friend.

You're just watching the shit because you dig it, you're openly telling me that the masses who get into this shit like it's awe-inspiring are indeed douchebags. You're not the problem, we both know who the problem is.

It's the Tomlinsons of this world.

Nah, this guy sucks too.

I used to read comics too, until I was old enough to want to finger girls. I think the hate comes from the fact that they aren't particularly well written or acted and it's just the same shit over and over for a decade at this point.

Wow pussy hound you're so cool, your fingers are probably slick right now. Shut the fuck up plenty of them are well written and acted, are there exceptions? Sure no genera is without fail great, I'd say 14 of the now 22 are though. Dude I don't give a shit if you like them or not, go put on animal house or whatever other overrated pile of dog shit you jerk off to and calm down.

I can't tell if this is a bit or not, you faggot.

guess you'll never know queer

Sure no genera is without fail great, I'd say 14 of the now 22 are though.

This belongs in a suicide note, not this sub.

Ps. Nice genre, stupid.

You wish

This guy is undoubtedly another fat Genera Bread employee.

Give me an example of "smart writing". I'll wait.

brother there are things they started 10 years ago and are paying off now, if you think thats dumb then good on you. I am not dumb enough to sit here and tell you things I find clever, its objective. once again hate the fucking movies I didn't say anyone had to like them. All said is I do.

So give me an example of one of these epic story conclusions that was worth waiting 10 years for. I'll wait.

Oh I get it, bit over

I'm starting to think this franchise of inconsistently powerful superheros isn't all that well written after all.

*sigh sir I'm not taking the bait, we all know these tricks, you got it they are written by retarded 2 year old's and I shit my pants with glee while I look at all the muscles and fag out.

they are written by retarded 2 year old's and I shit my pants with glee while I look at all the muscles and fag out

I'm glad we could find common ground, fag.

no problem queer

I am not dumb enough to sit here and tell you things I find clever, its objective.

Yes you are. You meant subjective (I hope) and you spelled "genre" "genera" twice now.

Good one.

That's not smart, that just means they had 10 years to write the punchline of the joke.

well acted and smartly written

I bet you think Boondock Saints deserved an Oscar.

why does my like for a genera bother you so? anything can have holes drilled through it, have a cookie and a nap sweetie everything will work out. Also Boondock Saints is one of the worst movies I've ever seen yet look at me not care who likes its.

Uh huh

good one got me

I busted your balls for liking something and you sperged out a rambling reply about cookies and naps. Don't feel too bad faggot, I took a one liner personally a week or so ago and I turned out ok.

awe you're so cute, have a good cry and get back to work

This! So much this, kind sir!

haha alright ya fuck are we good now?

Obviously. But we should get back to the customers or Angela is gonna make us work fawkin nights again

I know fawkin bitch you know she scheduled me for a late on Sunday? What am I black?

awe you're so cute

You sound like Patrick.

You sound like a Faggot. Who knew

That's pretty much the same thing I just said to you.

I know you are but what am I

I tried to get through that movie a couple times and never could.

I forget who it was but I remember hearing it put like, "Boondock Saints is fine. It's not a bad movie but people with bad taste in movies think it's a really really good movie."

Who is into alien movies...

they fucking suck and you should feel bad for liking them

I had to pinch my left nut to stop myself from crying during Captain Marvel.

If you think Marvel's bad you should try watching a DC movie. That Gal Gadot might be the cutest jew I've ever laid eyes on but 95% of porn stars can deliver a line of dialogue more naturally.

Cutest? She’s a run of the mill Israeli.

If you think Marvel's bad you should try watching a DC movie.

Why would they do that?

If you think Marvel's bad you should try watching a DC movie.

Why would they do that if those movies are garbage?

I cant even imagine liking movies

Unless you're getting blown

I go, but with my kids. Like a normal adult. Adults that go to childrens' movies sans children are fucking creepy. Grow the fuck up.

Yep same here. My 10 year old is all pumped so we're going Sunday. Worst is taking a kid to a kid movie and seeing adults pissed that a kid is at a kid movie and might take them "out of the experience ". Some fag actually sat down in front of us at that Solo movie and said that to me. 15 minutes in I " spilled"my soda on him, apologized loudly and left that hunk of shit with my boy to the loud groans of beta fags. This was at an 11am Saturday show.

I hate that this culture has decided it's now okay for childhood to last indefinitely. It's fucking pathetic.

i don't even have kids but i hate those fucking creeps that go to movies made for kids and think they have a right to complain about kids making noise, especially when they're probably just as bad, absolute faggots

Thank u. On the flip side I've gone to r rated movies on a Friday night at 10pm and people have brought their 4 and 5 year olds with them. Those people suck just as much

yeah big time, they're all just selfish pricks

Thank u. On the flip side I've gone to r rated movies on a Friday night at 10pm and people have brought their 4 and 5 year olds with them. Those people suck just as much

My wife and I stand out because everyone in California is from Mexico, China or India, and we're just white as fuck, and super tall. We took our kids to Amy Schumer when they were 13 and 15.

The first weird thing I noticed is that even Jim Norton could get laid at an Amy Schumer show, it was 95% single women, 4% gay men, and us. I went to get a beer by myself and I could feel every single woman in the room sizing me up. And that's not a brag, I'm a fat disaster, these women were just desperate losers.

But after the show, I walked out with my wife and kids and you could just feel the RAGE. Just the seething fucking rage of six hundred Wine Aunts, looking at us and our beautiful family and hating everything that we stood for.

Plus, y'know, taking a 13yo girl to an Amy Schumer show is white trash as fuck.

I consider that different though. I took my 14 year old to a pearl jam concert and was shocked how many people had kids there. It's the same as having a family section at sporting events. I've seen people with their kids in bars after midnight those people are fucking retarded. Same with movies too

Schumer has a weird audience. The typical Amy Schumer fan is a 35yo alcoholic lunatic. The type of girl who might blow you in the bathroom of a club, or might punch you in the face. Or both. On the same night.

Now imagine six hundred of them.

It's weird I live in Virginia and I don't think I've ever met a Schumer fan in real life.

It's weird I live in Virginia and I don't think I've ever met a Schumer fan in real life.

It's a west coast thing. Lots of wannabe wine aunts.

On the flipside, we have no black comedy scene, or black anything really, because Mexicans hate blacks and they drove them out of the west coast. Last time I saw someone black was when I was traveling for work... in Virginia.

"Members of a Latino street gang have admitted to carrying out a racially motivated firebombing attack on black families in a Los Angeles housing project, prosecutors announced Thursday.

Three men belonging to the Big Hazard gang will plead guilty to federal hate crimes stemming from the 2014 attack, according to written plea agreements. In exchange for the confessions, prosecutors for U.S. Atty. Nicola T. Hanna agreed to seek some leniency for the men when they are sentenced. Each faces more than 30 years in federal prison.

The nighttime attack on Mother's Day..."

Yeah but to people like Fatrick we're the racists. Holy fuck dude I hope u can escape that shit hole one day. I lived out there 94 to 96 and it was bad but not that fucking bad. Such a beautiful place with really shitty people

We took our kids to Amy Schumer when they were 13 and 15.

Someone needs to report this guy and his wife to DCFS

Upvoted for the term "wine aunts". I'm stealing that and god bless you.

She makes me take her to a movie before we fuck...but I get to pick the movie at least.

My wife is in that phase of her mid forties where she constantly wants to fuck. Frankly its exhausting

I got a bad feeling we won't last that long.

I feel ya brother. I had the same feeling with my first wife which is why I'm with my second. I've found as long as ur not too big of a dick things tend to work out in the long run.

Been married twice. I feel our pain. We could probably go on for hours on the merits of relationships. Do what you can, but dont force shit if it can't be forced.

Them being adults makes them so much worse.

My 10 year old is all pumped so we're going Sunday.

Once your kid hits double-digits, they should be going to the movies by themselves with friends

Yeah that's a problem. The theater near me enforces the age rule harshly. It's bad enough taking 1 10 year old let alone 4 or 5 of the little shots. Plus 1 of them has religious parents who think he will go to hell if he sees a pg-13 movie

Impossible not to get hard during the Selma Hayek scenes in that one. Prime Selma was one of the hottest bitches ever.

thank you for your service

Man, appreciate the information. My 11 year old is super excited as well. At least a laugh can be had at all the man babies going to watch this.

Sure you did.

A coworker of mine went on a big trip to Disneyland with her boyfriend. They’re both 33 years old and spent thousands to fuck around at a children’s theme park. Of course both are major Marvel fans as well. I don’t understand why two “adults” would want to go on a trip like that, if they had kids it would be another thing entirely but they don’t.

That's nauseating. If I saw two adults without a child wandering around a fucking theme park, I'd report them to both security and the authorities so someone is watching their hotel to make sure they don't return with any little guests.

If you want to relive your childhood, do it the way adults do it: vicariously through your own kids. You relive the magic of Christmas or your favorite childhood superhero movie by giving that experience to your kid and seeing them go through it. Only a complete fucking loser goes to disneyland when they're at an age where they have to dye their hair to hide the gray.

Having a child is unthinkable for these types. More specifically, parenthood is unthinkable. That level of responsibility and commitment frightens them. I think about my grandparents who were married and had kids by their mid twenties. My parents were in their early thirties when they had kids. Now you see people like my coworker who is 33 years old, unmarried, childless, and spending money on trips to Disneyland

We’re seeing a mass infantilization of culture as people try harder and harder to prolong their childhoods. I personally believe it’s the result of the liberal project of individualization. As our sense of community is eroded so is our sense of responsibility. Nobody matters but you, go to college, move out as fast as possible so you can spend money renting instead of saving for a home, don’t get attached to anyone, you don’t owe anyone anything but the world owes you everything.

Marriage and childbirth rates decline as personal debt and divorce skyrocket. Wanna know why everyone seems to be diagnosed with a “mental illness”? It’s because the purpose in life we once derived from family, community, doing a good job at work and at home, raising children, etc. is no longer valued or pursued. So they feel empty, depressed, and aimless but nobody is willing or able to tell them why. Instead they get a diagnosis and a prescription. They consume children’s entertainment and remakes of media that they remember from childhood. They go to Disneyland as an adult. This is why it is so fucking shameful to see Elizabeth Warren write a fucking article about Game Of Thrones! Even our elected officials, a candidate for president at that, feels the need to filter the world through a magical soap opera. But there’s blood and tits so it’s actually for adults, right?

I didn’t mean to write an essay but I feel so much contempt for these people.


Oh no, by all means. It's this kind if shit that's why people like Fatrick have such a big ego even though they don't contribute jack shit to our culture, because simple, easy-to-digest consumable entertainment is what is put on a pedestal. People who create and maintain the infrastructures that actually save and better lives are seen like failures compared to a failure like Fatrick who, despite contributing nothing but pumping out shitty books that no one reads, are seen as a success story simply for having their name be printed on garbage entertainment, despite barely making a living from it. So yeah, nerd culture is all that matters now (which isn't even nerd culture, it real is just celebration of cartoons, video games, and movies).

Thank you

Well put

We’re seeing a mass infantilization of culture as people try harder and harder to prolong their childhoods.

I think that's part of it, but there are two more factors also:

1) I honestly believe that we are wired for religion. IE, there is something about belonging to a religion that makes the concept of death more tolerable. In the absence of a conventional religion, people just become religious about weird fucking shit. Like Furries, Flat Earthers, Disneyland, Star Wars, hating Donald Trump, or all the above.

2) Fifty years ago, if you had sex you'd get knocked up fairly quickly. Even if you were trying to avoid having kids in 1965, eventually you were going to get someone pregnant. It was just inevitable. But birth control has allowed women to put that off until 30 or 35, and then they suddenly find out it's 10X harder to get pregnant at 35 than at 20. So then they start to project all kinds of childish shit onto their pets. Petco and Petsmart are signs of the times.

Interesting that you put "hating donald trump" as a religion rather than "liking donald trump," as both are complete zealots. Should have wrote "obsessing about trump" as that plays to both sides.

Also, the earth is flat.

Interesting that you put "hating donald trump" as a religion rather than "liking donald trump," as both are complete zealots.

25% of the people I know hate Donald Trump with a seething burning passion. Every single day of my life, I open up my Facebook feed and it's just story after fucking story about Donald Fucking Trump. We get it, you hate Donald Trump. Now would you please shut the fuck up already? It's just fucking tedious and lame.

As for people who like Donald Trump, I've never met one. I have a feeling that they're out there, but the people who hate Trump are so deranged and ruthless and unpredictable, it's safer to just hide in the closet.

America has a store called Forever 21. That only fits the viagra-popping Boomers. They're the generation that wants to be 21 forever. That's not the case with subsequent generations. They should come out with Forever 12 (shuuuure), it'd do 10 times the business.

That read like beautiful truth poetry. You're a good egg dude.

If you want to relive your childhood, do it the way adults do it: vicariously through your own kids.

lol, Disneyland would make you vomit nowadays.

Since nobody in America is having kids anymore, it's basically filed with fat women in their 40s larping as Disney characters, along with bewildered Chinese and Japanese tourists who can't figure out why Americans are such repulsive losers.

Also, you can cruise for gay hookups at Disneyland now:

This country needs another fucking Great Depression so badly.

I had the misfortune of going to disneyland for a family event recently, it's insanely not fun as an adult, everything is overpriced, they don't sell booze, and the food sucks. I can't imagine spending thousands for that shit, go to cabo or some place that's actually fun you stupid fucks.

That's pretty common nowadays

For that same amount of money (I'm assuming like $5,000 since they're disney fanboy faggots) they could've taken a roundtrip flight to Paris and probably traveled around the rest of France or some other European countries. They could've went to musuems and landmarks and had all kinds of wonderful experiences.

Instead they decided to go to a masqueraded marketing tool designed to make kids buy more Disney crap by throwing a bunch of disney characters and merchandise and rides in their faces. Instead of going to the Louvre and seeing the Eiffel Tower they decided to eat Mickey Mouse corndogs and go to Star Wars Land

In a way, I envy these people. They're probably way more happier than I am and can find joy in things that aren't bullying middle aged radio personalities

Shit, how old is Anthony? He goes every year and is not a ......year, good point

Six flags is somewhat excusable, but fucking Disneyland?

It pisses me off to no end that Kevin Smith is 100% going to post some teary-eyed video after he sees it. Fat fucking hack.

Has anyone spoiled the movie for Kevin Smith yet? Now THAT is a tweet I'd love to see.

How old is Kevin Smith? He's objectively a faggot pole smoking mo.

!He's going to sob uncontrollably when Tony Stark dies here!<

I hope everyone associated dies in real life.

Is this a real spoiler? I want to post it on the default subs.

Who cares, it'll rile the queers up either way.

Yes. He gets the magic rocks and snaps his finger so Thanos and his army gets erased, but it kills Stark too. Read the spoilers last night. Tell them all Black Widow dies too.

The nerds are all saying they're reduced to tears, seeing this journey reach an emotional conclusion. Kevin Smith is going to be inconsolable. He cries during reruns of second rate superhero shows on The CW.

I’m sure he’s seen it already but someone with twitter should let him know what happens just in case.

I applied the spoiler tag out of courtesy, in case anyone really cared. In the other sub, somebody spoiled the end of Dragged Across Concrete in a thread title and I was crushed. That film was my Avengers for the year.

It's the film equivalent of going to Disney World as an adult with no children.

Is this frowned upon?

For a moment I thought you were talking about Erikkk, Sam, Travis and 80% of all people who were guests on that dog shit show.

I think our friend Fatrick just watches them to study his craft, child.

he's only 39?

38 or 39. Not even 40 and his head looks like bocconcini.

shit man

X Men is the only series that did it right. Watchmen had the best super hero origin in a film. I haven't seen a MCU film since Iron Man 3: Suitless Stark. I remember going "holy shit it's 2010 and black panther isn't even out yet, how many more shitty films do I have to go see?"

Their marketing is second to none, I'll give them credit for somehow making it seem like Black Panther was a response to some real life horse shit and they didn't just luck out with their scheduling.

Disney can suck a fat cock. Star Wars, if you want good Star Wars, you have to play the video games now which make up for these shitty Harry Potter in space films.

American comics have horrible writing, comparable to DBZ. Manga comics really are much better now than their American counterparts. I just read Cult of Carnage and it wasn't very good. It made me go back and start reading Spawn.

I'll go ahead and agree with everything you said, EXCEPT that X-Men is good. The philosophical basis behind the X-Men is that the X-Men are mutants and thus superior, i.e. homosexuals and Jews. I wish I was kidding about that.

But homosexuals and Jews exist in the X Men universe. Some are homosuperior most are homosapiens.

I dunno if you're fucking with me, but I'm quite serious: the X-Men mutants are contextually a pack of kikes and fags as opposed to the useless normal people untermensch who they secretly control. The only diametric opposition to that cripple Xavier is Magneto who is literally an uberkike.

No, I'm sorry but you must be thinking of a different series of characters.

No. They're all gay and Jewish.

I'm sorry to differ with you but you simply aren't correct

holy shit. imagine reading comic books

Well it's really quite beautiful now because in this day and age you can just type in any series online and fully scanned comics are just a click away. When I get updates a new Carnage or X Men is out, you can just read them for free online or you can go back and find a series from the 90s you enjoyed.

When I get updates a new Carnage or X Men is out, you can just read them for free online or you can go back and find a series from the 90s you enjoyed.

Yeah, while I'm at it I think I'll start reading Goosebumps & playing Pog again.

Get a grown man hobby, bugman.

It's Iceman, not bugman.

Attack of the Nana

There are some good ones. The Boys features superpowers jizz blasting the literal brains from the heads of bookers, for example.

Faggot nerd

I sent him a message with the Avenger spoilers. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

Or worse: Thinking that minority representation in a Marvel movie is somehow an important victory.

Movies are fucking gay.

99% of fiction stinks

Blockbuster movies certainly. It's Disney or studios aping Disney.

Frank Miller is the only comic creator I still respect. He knows to put the fags and Muslims in their place.

Alan Moore

Didn’t he draw literal child porn? What a Cumia.

I noticed you mentioned children. PM if you want to talk about children.

Number of conversation partners I've met on reddit: 36

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Imagine being any age and liking that fucking garbage.

If you're 39 years old you grew up during a time when Marvel comics was still amazing. What 39 year old wouldn't love most Marvel movies?

Because marvel hasn’t been amazing since 39yo’s were young kids. The movies suck.

Entertainment now days suck. The marvel movies are usually pretty good though. The nostalgia factor, plus they don't put the PC BS that is the comics into the movies make them popular. To each his own though, if you don't like them I get that.

Well, if you're watching mass marketed super hero movies designed for children then yeah I could see how you would think entertainment sucks. Let me guess, you thought it was refreshing that Deadpool made light of his own genre as well. He even winked at the camera? But he's not supposed to do that, how silly!

It's the same as any passive hobby like that, which consists only of paying money to look at something. It's no better or worse than spectator sports or visiting a museum. Equally useless and only exists to provide a tenuous connection to a wider world. Which itself is pretty useless.

Iron Man grabs the Infinity Stones from Thanos’ gauntlet and snaps him and his army out of existence with his nano-tech gauntlet. Pepper gets an Iron Man suit. Everyone gets brought back alive to have a massive showdown with Thanos and his henchmen, who are alive too. Vision is still dead lmao. Cap can use both of Thor’s hammers and his shield is broken in half. All of the female heroes have an all-girl charge scene. Iron Man dies and Cap goes back in time.


spread the news paneraboys

You forgot Scarlett throws her stupid ass off of a cliff to escape this embarrassment of a franchise.

i just c&p'd from elsewhere, the automod banned this as soon as i posted it apparently, surprised it's still up

nevermind, it was the gay marvel sub, i'm a retard

I wish a master hacker could send this out as a widespread alert to every phone on the planet.

What about the Hulk?

More than anything what happened to that retard with the bow?

Its just another indication that we are gathering speed on the shit slide to hell. Going DOWN

Wow I wonder if the good guys win in the end

Try 15. These movies are purposefully made terrible and bland so they can appeal to the lowest common denominator of children, retards and illiterate Chinese peasants.

I'll see myself out...

Only one I watched was the original spiderman. It's for babies.

I don't see why you can't go see some cool spectacle of a movie in 3d at the theater and still not be a fag about it. IMO these guys that act like they are big men for not going are just as gay as the fucks going to these movies dressed as iron man.

There's guys in this thread who I know I listen to Jim and Sam so you can suck a dick about what movies people can and can't see.

They can make a movie every few months that are guaranteed to be a success because they have a huge fanbase that’ll watch anything they crap out. As much as I hate it, I cant blame them for capitalizing on this goldmine. These fans are like those Apple retards that buy the iphone, ipad, and then the ipad mini.

I have to admit, Venom was pretty good. I begrudgingly watched it on cable and found it shockingly enjoyable. Go figure: the movie by and large had putrid word of mouth among the dweebs. It was a dark comedy, with a twisted sense of humor, that didn't take itself or the shitty "universe" very seriously. Tom Hardy was awesome in it. My only complaint was that it was very transparently edited down to avoid an R-rating.

The only other prior superhero movies I liked were the original Deadpool and The Dark Knight. Logan I saw and thought was a big missed opportunity; it wasted its more mature canvas by boiling down to another tired finale with a class of mutant students unleashing their stupid powers.

Its enraging when i see a car with little star wars or marvel families on it. Its always some womam or guy around 40.

Exactly. I am so goddamn sick of 30-something manchildren.

Really, what's wrong with Marvel? Love those movies.

Lol this fag still plays with dolls and he is a legit piece of shit who is still sending me DMs saying it’s ok to beat women for wearing MAGA hats. I just took a picture of my 4 year old niece wearing one of those hats and I wanna send it to him to taunt him, but I’m afraid he’s gonna jerk off to it.

After all the sick shit that's been unearthed about that guy's sexual perversions and you even kid around?

I posted screengrabs in another thread. Not lying, he’s legitimately a piece of shit.

I'm glad you clarified that it was Patrick. This could have been an Erock post.

I understand the love of the Marvel movies. For decades virtually every comic book movie was shit. Remember Tank Girl? Yeah I tried to forget too. So now that they get decent writers and they're literally the only original shit Hollywood is producing I get it.



I like the Marvel movies but I dont fangirl over them. That's one of the reasons I cant go see it in theater. Some guy in his 40s starts screaming oh my god because fucking iron man pops up on the screen with new armor.

In this one all the man-children are going to be sobbing messes at the end. Can't think of a bigger anti-aphrodisiac. The wives of these cretins will surely be all over social media declaring their pride for their "man" showing their emotion.

late 40's whaahhhy

My son is excited, but he is not even a teen yet. Totally understandable.

I'm guessing this entire thread is filled with balding fat middle aged old fogies ranting about how the Godfather is a better movie than Avengers while sitting in their lawn chairs wearing crocs

It's just a damn movie get the fuck over it.

It's the same fucking movie over and over again. How can these faggots willingly pay to see this shit every other month? A bunch of dude in tight suits flying in fucking capes. Embarassing.