I cant make this up guys.

9  2019-04-19 by Jesuskush666

I had a dream that I got caught stealing from work. And it was just petty theft. I tried to lie about it and say it wasn't me, I tried to dodge it for as long as I could. But sure enough they had video of me stealing and I tried to justify it and deny it was me but nope they had hard evidence. The cops arrested me in front of my family and I was devastated. I was so upset I woke up right then and there. Then I realized it was just a nightmare and I'm not an OBESE FAGGOT JUNKIE NIGGER. I couldn't have been happier about my existence. Have a Good Friday everyone, be glad you're not Space Edge. Ain't it fun


Hey hey hey buddy no need to pull our black friends into this they have their own embarrassments to deal with like the cumias and sherrod