Joe Sr. was actually a Mexican born illegal immigrant.

13  2019-07-11 by Jesuskush666

He was born in Sonora Mexico and fled to Texas after owing money to a local business partner of his. He spent some time in Texas until he was accused of sexually abusing a 12 year old Caucasian runaway from Mississippi. That's when he moved to the east coast. Ro is not Italian but actually from a gypsy family however her family disowned her after her obvious attraction to black men. Their last name is not Cumia but actually Cuevas. He changed it to further fool the law and his new Italian neighbors in the east. The reason he took the northern states to get to California is because he wanted to stay as far away from Texas as he could. And he moved to California cause he's a Mexican and had some cousins there who'd hide him.


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I'm having trouble following

This is actually not a joke believe it or not. One of my friends who works as a bartender at The Big Apple Ranch says that Joe Jr spilled the beans on this whole story over a few glasses of child spit. I’m surprised I’m not the only one who knows this.

Illuminative. Thank you for doing thia research, it adds great context to my own in the field. I briefly had contact with a man from Mississippi (then living in Florida) who claimed to have been fondled and peed upon by a Mexican who fit his Joe Sr.'s description. If only I had the name Cuevas to run by him.

No problem friend. Also his name is actually Jose not Joe. Another trick he used. Anthony is Antonio.

The Cumias finding out they're illegal and have to leave the country would be the best swerve possible in this story.

Would Joe finally kill himself?