[REQUEST] Any and all instances of Joe Cumia taking credit for founding and creating The Opie and Anthony Show

86  2019-06-26 by ILoveYouJohnnyCakes

Joe "Brother Joe" Cumia is A PUBLIC FIGURE, a recurring "character" on The Opie and Anthony Show and related shows, and a guest on the show, and subsequent shows, such as "Live From The Compound" and The Anthony Cumia Show. Posts about Joe Cumia are topical to this sub.


Thanks, oh and nice "LFTC" Live From The Compound logo on Joe Cumia's shirt they all though was brilliant for making look as close to a swastika as possible.

"Ich bin immer noch urkomisch!"

Worth the Google translate

Yeah that didn’t backfire on him at all.

“Images can be easily manipulated and taken out of context OFTEN.”

Fuckin’ boomer idiot.

Honestly it is pretty brilliant from a design standpoint. It dogwhistles perfectly to those who love racism while providing a modicum of deniability. A tiny modicum, but a modicum all the same.


I'm likin it

That’s not dog whistling, that’s yelling at people that you’re racist

The fuck is a modicum.

Your IQ

The opposite of a lessicum


It looks like a Behind The Music parody. Joe is the king of delusional stupidity. If he did all this shit ironically he would be the funniest “character “ from the O&A universe

If you can, it's a good idea to back these clips up somewhere because Welfare Joe has nothing better to do than spend all day and night sending (often illegal) DMCA claims to the internet.

Already got it saved on a hard drive & locked in a safety deposit box, brotherman.

Just a normal back up procedure normal people do. Norma

Holy shit and the behind-the-scenes acoustic version of the song is pure fucking cringe. How many times has he sadly played that to himself while his brother was making millions a year?

Me and my brooding chick thank you for your service.

You got the chick!

Sittin’ in Los Angeles jail…

making millions a year

Calm yourself. It wasn't that much.

so Anthony came up with the funny lyrics and Joe strummed a well known song? why doesn’t this man deserve to be a millionaire, libtards?

"Produced" = held down record and play at the same time on one of those old tape decks.

A $100 4 track recorder that was probably stolen from a real band

Anthony wrote the words to Otis Redding's music....what exactly did Joe do again?

Just call him he’ll tell you about it

If I called Joe I think we'd find common ground and become lifelong friends so I can't be having any of that


He’s hilariously hostile over the phone. I don’t know why there aren’t more recorded messages of his.

Nice, thanks.

"Guilty by association"

Self-righteous ass,

I hate to knock his ambition, but what a fucking worthless brother he turned out to be.

I'm gonna watch the Beige doc a little before bed to reinforce my hate.

That was when Ant was still doing his forced shock jock clown laugh at his own jokes

Such a ugly faggot.

Also, his indigogo begging attempt probably agrandurises his OA contribution

Agrandurises? Kill yourself tonight stupid

Faggot Joe talks about "producing" that gay OJ parody song like he was working the board during the "Dark Side Of The Moon" sessions or something. Pointing the camera while your retarded brother imitates Howard Stern mugging in blackface doesn't count as "producing" anything.

Alan Parson Pockface

The Alan Parkson Pockast

It was kind of funny. Was the OJ song the reason Ant got his break?


Boooooo, you ruined it!

The Alan Pockmark Project u/JoeCumiasFryingPan

I was watching a clip yesterday Ant was talking about his divorce and saying if anyone deserved half of his money it would be Joe. Joe only believes this cause pissy eyes tells him that

That’s probably something Joe told him a thousand times and Ant is just on automatic now

'Compound East'

A condo basement

I implore you to read all of Joe's posts from 2015 to present on wackbag. Here's a couple:


Haven't written a parody in years. There was one good one though. Way back in 94, or so...when most of you were still shitting yourselves...It was a stupid little song called "Gonna 'lectric shock OJ". I stood at the back door of a little local radio station called WBAB out on Long Island and wouldn't leave until a then unknown DJ named Opie, doing the 7-10pm evening slot came out and took the cassette tape that Anth and Painstakingly recorded into his hands and told me he'd play it.

We'd done several parodies between '90 and 95 for Stern, Soupy, Bob Buchmann, Chaz on WPLR, Steve Aprea on Z-rock and a few other DJ's, but that one ended up making millions of dollars for Anthony. He was always funny. Since we were kids. I was always the one with a mind for business and the drive that he never had.

Bottom line morons: it was a concerted effort by Anthony and I to GET THE FUCK OUT OF WAKING UP AND BUSTING OUR ASSES EVRY DAY FOR A LIVING. We did it TOGETHER, as brothers and as a team. Neither of us could've done it alone.

Ask him if you doubt me. Call His Show And Ask Him.

I'm not deterred by critics. If I were, I'd be a fucking bum. The entertainment business is one of the toughest fields to succeed in. Your Mommy's and Daddy's weren't bullshitting you. They told you to stay in school, most of you did. We didn't. I certainly won't quit doing what I love because a few assholes tell me I'm "bad at it". My brother was bashed DAILY whenever he started at a new station. Why? Because he was BAD AT IT. He and Opie were goofing on their early selves practically right up until "D-Day".

As for all of my detractors and critics and douchehats that want to see me fail...and I don't believe there are that many of you, I've already won. I've benefited from a partnership and a mutual agreement that was forged when Anth and I were getting free lunch in elementary school and being raised by a single mom that taught us how to say "fuck you" in the face of adversity. Do you really think ANYTHING you say (write) can deter me?

Say what you will. Be ignorant of the truth to suit your own agendas. For me, Anthony, and anyone who really knows us, and the incredible story that runs much deeper than the tip of the iceberg that 99% of you think of as gospel truth, you're just fodder for a good laugh over a few beers before we head to the bank to deposit the checks that you afford us. It was our plan the whole time. Just ask my brother


Are you that fucking ignorant? OF COURSE. What I'm saying is " Opie and Anthony NEVER WOULD'VE Happened in the first place. This fucking stiupid board wouldn't be here, and you'd probably be worshipping someone else.

He is such a pathetic fleck of shit. It took six years of Opie and Anthony working together-without bovine Joe- to make them successful enough to make millions.

I guess when your life is such a massive failure like Joe, you just desperately try to claim credit for something.

I was always the one with a mind for business

Businessman Joe.

A cashcow, if you will.

Perfect. That's the same speech he's given from each of his alts here too. I wonder if he actually thinks he's better than everyone or if he just constantly says it hoping to convince himself he's not a lazy, unemployed, welfare collecting piece of shit.

I don't, at the moment, know how to search his youtube comments, but there was definitely one where he claimed 50% of the credit for O&A. I posted it as a topic on the old SpaceEdge sub. If anyone knows how to view those posts, let me know.

Strictly speaking it should only be 25%

I don't think Soupy was around in the 90s.

took the cassette tape that Anth and Painstakingly recorded into his hands and told me he'd play it.

So this is where "AntH" comes from

No, it was because Joe specifically said "you guys think you know my brother but you don't. You don't even know that his friends and family call him Anth, not Ant."

OK Captain Autism

"I've benefited from a partnership and a mutual agreement that was forged when Anth and I were getting free lunch in elementary school"

lol, there it is. jesus.


Joe claims to be the reason O&A even happened, went on air nunerous times. Is a public figure that streams his own show, played O&A gigs. He wrote the black earl song and plugged his shitty podcast on air many times. Hes fair game. Ants entire trashy family even his mother and sal have been on air. Ant told family stories constantly on air about his family and loser dad joe sr. His sister got married live on air.
They are all public figures who only decided they didnt like the attention when it turned negative after anthony was fired from SiriusXM for his racist twitter tirade. After his brothers racist tweet history surfaced he decided he didnt want to be a public figure any more.