The reasoning behind Jim Norton being a UFC "fan" :

43  2019-06-25 by Jesuskush666

Like the true worm he is he only faked interest in the UFC similar to how he fakes liking women and being an addict. Jim norton would be a golf fan if there was a comedian he knew that was involved with professional golf. You see, Joe Rogan is the only reason Jim began his fake respect for UFC. Like a true worm he knew if he watched enough videos, remembered enough of the fighters names and jerked them off while they were in studio that he might have a gig with the UFC one day. He saw Rogan (a mostly comedian) and thought ok I can squeeze my way in there if I need to. Norton can't possibly appreciate a sport like the UFC. He just can't. And every time Dana or a fighter was in studio or called he'd take over with all the "facts" and acted like a complete ass kisser. Jimmy will do anything to stay afloat because his comedy sure won't do it for him. Fucking worm.


Does anyone have that video of him sitting cageside at that ufc event? You could see him trying to act like he was actually a fan. It was creepy to watch

I remember someone saying something along the lines of "it looks like a wife watching her husband fight"

I was scrolling through channels the other day and some UFC thing was on and my immediate thought was "I wonder if Jim is there". Sure enough, he was. They did a quick close shot of the crowd and he was nearly dead center of the screen. He was blinking and squirming around awkwardly in his seat. I watched for a few more minutes and they smartly never showed him again.

I just can’t picture someone as effeminate as him understanding or appreciating UFC.

It’s like Bobo watching a chess tournament and understanding what’s going on. I just can’t imagine it.

That’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen. He looks like a scared little kid.

It’s like the transformation scene in American Werewolf in London

Awww, still asshurt over getting called out on that? You really are so much like Norton. Obsessive, petty little wormy fag. I merely pointed out how pathetic it is that you go through and save things other people post then when you re-post them, you make it look like you were the one who made it. You're the one who sperg-raged when called out on doing that.

All schizophrenics:

Prove it

He made up the edit part conveniently because the old sub & its records are gone. People made fun of him in the thread & no one pm'd him.

Dude's losing it.

People made fun of him

By "people" he means him and his alt-accounts. Almost every other comment was people saying they didn't give a fuck or about how gay sub drama is. Keep being deluded though you unhinged Norton obsessed queer.


Fuck off eurofag crybaby.

Jim genuinely is not a human

I smelt this from listening old shows when Dana would call in. All the sudden Jim’s a UFC analyst. He also has a fake toughness that doesn’t exist and that helps show how “tough” he is.

Jim enjoys the sweaty foot smell of older musty locker rooms. Sitting with his legs crossed, he squeezes and clenches to the equivalent of a ruined orgasm, with his lowered testosterone pricing few meagre droplets of sperm slowly staining his already soiled underwear.

There's a clip of him leaning over to ask Michael Bisping a question. Michael looks visibly annoyed (and drunk as usual)

You're over-thinking it. Plenty of straight women and gay guys are turned on by the sight of men fighting.

Hence why he doesn't train or know anything about the sport.

Good old fashioned poser. He’s always wearing that Kid Dynamite hoody which is extra annoying. Guarantee he never even watched Tyson fight during the 80s/Early 90s.

I wasn’t even alive in the late 80’s and I saw a couple of those fights live.

You don't think Jim Norton can appreciate ripped men fighting in their undies?

Could you imagine him trying to learn jujitsu

Quinn said the same thing about Jim and football on the show. That basically he was a phony who memorized stats to seem like an actual fan.

Just like when he pretends he wants to fuck some hot 22 year old waitress, it's just bullshit for the benefit of his straight friends. Jim doesn't want to fuck girls and talk sports, he wants to thumb through photo albums full of celebrity pics and beg for semen but he's too conflicted and gutless to admit it.

He would also ask ufc fighters to choke him or punch him after the show. So stupid. Probably just to satisfy his gay kinks.

Definitely. He has a thing about being dominated and humiliated. Cuckold porn is one he’s always talking about.

Yeah, there was a picture where one of those meatheads was choking him and he was wearing sweatpants. It looked like he had a semi.

Way back when he was a sexually conflicted young alcoholic, Jim noticed that the "real men", the ones with cool Camaros who were banging all the hot teen sluts, were into bands like Sabbath, Ozzy and Kiss, so he pretended he liked them too. His "interest" in UFC is exactly the same. He pretends to embrace the "manliest" pop culture crap he can think of in order to disguise his obvious homosexual yearnings. "Look, I'm into heavy metal and blood sports thus I am not a fag"...that's all it is.