Joe needs us more than we need him. Even I can admit that the fight is over but he's still here. Probably posting at a higher rate than any of us. You guys screwed him up for life. I just realized he will never move on from this. When he sits with his sorry excuse for a family we creep into his mind

3  2019-06-04 by Jesuskush666

Imagine scrolling through miles and miles of your mom photoshopped banging dogs and bbcs. Your gay as brother exposed. Endless cow photos. I don't care how mentally strong that would effect you on a deep deep level. Just like Patrick he began loosing his mind. But Joe has exposed himself to this for years. Like exposing himself to radiation. Man I almost feel bad for the dummy. He thinks Danny is crazy.. little does he know. Joe has gone postal. Damn.


He hopes we add see activity to his funeral guest book. Get those numbahs up.