Salvaged from the old sub

151  2019-08-20 by 985x


The Prancing Nanas would be a great band name

They were called Rotgut.

FACT - There's only two known photos where Anthony doesn't have a drink in his hand.

"unapologetically masculine"

Mincing old queen.

Nothhhing works!!

I was a bit worried that after the Great Fire of 2019, so much of the high art that was created for our sub, would be lost. I thank you waterheaded autists for preserving this stuff and making sure that it will all be easily googlable for many years to come. Tyfys

I see Joe rocking the Air Boomers on the left

Life imitating art.

He dances the way I feel like Nazis did in Auschwitz.

Like the jews in those warm refreshing showers those nice Germans gave them.

They required de-lousing to help the war effort No evidence of gas chambers exists at any camp, if you look into it. Just an fyi.

What a fucking ugly family. Yuck....

Fucking pissfag.

No daddy! You're going pee-pee!

That part always gets me

Girly shaved weak legs with camo shorts and walmart new balances this band has style.

The Cumia Prance (friggin’ great user name too)

Good save