Fuck it.. Since BlowJoe DMCA'd us over and over again ,let's get his brother kicked off twitter..

173  2019-08-19 by Hamburger212

They say that they hate rats, but thats all a DMCA is... whole family is rats


I support this plan

You can report harassment and in the comments add the following information


This is Anthony cumia and he is trying to avoid being banned. You can see his previously banned accounts here:

https://twitter.com/anthonycumia https://twitter.com/AnthonyCumiaAlt https://twitter.com/AnthonyCumiaxyz https://twitter.com/AnthonyCumiazyx https://twitter.com/corradosoprano4

you can also refrence this article about his banning and use this link to see the tweet he was banned for originally

https://thelaughbutton.com/news/anthony-cumias-twitter-account-suspended-allegedly-following-fight-v-club-writer/ --http://archive.is/6ceLH


the fire rises.

well if everyone sends this it shall be done

Just submitted my report.

I removed the last 3 links, though, as Twitter says they won't look at offsite links.

I had to select a specific Tweet of his before I could submit my report (shitty that they don't let you report an account as a whole), but I made sure to write in the comments that he was previously banned multiple times for racist, misogynistic, and threatening Tweets. I also included the links to his now-banned accounts in my comment.

Send your buddy a text or private message. Be the change you want to see in the world!

Yeah, tell him you're a good friend of his but this time you must remain anonymous due to the tenacious doxxing of The Cumia Cartel, and the importance of getting the message to him.

I wouldnt want your friend to do anything crazy but you should definitely send him a message and see how his weekend went.

I also am submitting an impersonation report and when they ask for evidence that I represent him, I'll send those links since they have to look at other links for evidence. https://help.twitter.com/en/safety-and-security/report-twitter-impersonation

How could messaging your friend lead to cow-face finding out your real information?

You can report an account, it's just not really obvious, so I made an "infographic" on how.


Do your patriotic duty, something a Cumia has never done.

I'm not seeing anywher to be able to add in text to the reports

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Don't forget @AnthonyCumiacm.

How addicted can you be to get 6 accounts banned and still keep crawling back?


This really needs to happen. Joe is here distracting us from what really should be happening which is getting old racist Nana off Twitter again.

Remember how that disgusting child groomer opened his latest account the same day the other sub got closed down?

Joe makes $0 a year from his shitty U2 cosplay, I bet his 60K income will dry up even faster if Anthony doesn’t have his Twitter to advertise his failing network.

Joe makes $0 a year from his shitty U2 cosplay

When O&A first started they made it seem like this was a successful enterprise. They made these big announcements like

Brother Joe from 2U. Visit NotU2.com for more information.

R&F even played into it.


We can't have mass brigading/harassment, that's breaking Reddit rules. But, if you feel unsafe or threatened with AntH or Joey being on Twitter than you should go ahead and report them.

Consider me "11 year old girl alone in Ant's pool" unsafe then brotherman!

More unsafe than the hand of a waif

Can we get rid of Joes twitter too?

family is rats

Rat bastards

Anyone got a link to that picture of him on his show with @anthonycumiacpa under him? And what were the names of his other Twitter accounts?

We've done it 5 times already, I don't see why a sixth time would be a problem.

anyone got links to particularly salty tweets?

What is Ant's current twitter account?

Soon to be banned

https://twitter.com/AnthonyCumiaCPM - the live stream of a man venting his mental illness 24/7.


The "cpm" reportedly stranding for "child pornography manufacturer".

Joe Cumia's vendetta is going to get his meal ticket into some painful withdrawals. Should have left it alone.

I’ve used the report button so many times on him. Apparently last time it was to directly report him to @twittersafety and @twittersupport and @jack and these types. Preferably using an avatar of one of the many “protected classes” of people

I think the fake accounts also helped. I created a fake one and when I got banned for impersonation messaged them back and asked, how can I impersonate someone who was banned.

I linked a Tweet about black people choked by cops and wrote this:

I can't for the life of me understand how this account is still allowed to be active. This is the alt-account of Anthony Cumia, neo-Nazi broadcaster (from the Alex Jones channel) and outspoken racist, here he a screenshot of his podcast that shows it's his Twitter account (https://i.redd.it/f3fjue0m4z431.png). He has been banned for racist comments at least four times before (@AnthonyCumia, @AnthonyCumiaxyz, @AnthonyCumiaCM, @CorradoSoprano4). Each time for inciting gun violence and hate speech towards those he disagrees with. Browse his Twitter feed at any given time to get a glimpse of the hatred he's pumping out. Twitter is a better, safer place with people like him permanently suspended from it.

Im surprised its lasted this long honestly

His brother is really really gay.

Report everything as racist

It's time.

While we're all at it, let's get ballwasher #1 @ElTrumpo aka Fat Fred from Brooklyn's new twitter account booted off twitter too...

Next Time link his acc ain’t nobody got time to remember it

Its in the sidebar.

No sidebar on mobile mate