Keith -- If you give you Joe his own show where you simply allow people to call in and make fun of/argue with him, it will be your biggest hit.

126  2019-08-19 by Sergeant_Joseph_Spud

Please make this happen.


Don't let Joe control the phones and I'd watch that show. Hell, I'd probably subscribe. it would be a trainwreck like that

I would totally subscribe.

Like giving your little brother a controller with no batteries so he thinks he's playing.

Instead of Bobo and Bochetti and Open Mic with Joe Cumia, they've decided to give us Wet Spot and shows with neverending unfunny wops.

Bobby Kelly or Luis would make $20k a month on patreon if they just filmed themselves reacting to shit like "The Cumia Prance" and "Mommy's Shoes."

That is really all it would take. Everyone has admitted they read the sub. If any of them would just be able to take a joke or have fun with it there wouldn't be so much vitriol towards them. Just laugh about it like the rest of us, be a dignified human, and make some decent content. But they can't and won't. They're all spineless and just hoping to jump on a mainstream career in comedy so most of these guys wouldn't ever do anything to rustle feathers besides quick obscure jabs on a podcast nobody listens to, not realizing a huge core of their potential fans are desparate for this kind of stuff. Out of touch faggots, all of 'em.

For real. Even Kimmel's guests read mean tweets.

Also an intern david show.

Any moment Danny will be along to tell you he was totally responsible for David being on air.

Danny ran out of shekels, no internet connection

I hope he runs out of blood.

I would absolutely pay for this.

I would have to use a burner card since I don't trust Compound Media with my financial information, but I'd pay nonetheless.

Good business ideas and Compound Media will never go together.

Please name the show โ€œThe Joseph Laneโ€ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

If Joe did a show on Compound, took calls, didn't cut people off but was engaged with them constantly, I think I would actually respect him just a tiny bit because it wouldn't be as shameful as the Danny Ross method of defending yourself about 2005 drama on a message board anonymously because no one else will.

Then being a compound media subscriber wouldn't mean your a faggot ๐Ÿ˜Ž

[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Let them know. I'd subscribe for a Joe show.

Compound Media, do this and my credit card information will be coming your way.