Still the only moment in CP media that's worth watching

154  2019-08-17 by Richard_C_Power


Stunning and brave

The ๐Ÿœ show

The framed anal egg is a fantastic detail.

"Now I know what Opie was for" while he looks like he's about cry. Embarrassing.

He's having childhood flashbacks to "the spaghetti"

What an utter faggot.

Faking a stomach ache to save the marriage

*blowing dad in the shower

His brother is an udder faggot


Self-huggin' ass nigga

I thought it was going to be the funny vids, made by non-CPM people, of Colin spilling his Diet Coke.

Back in the two month long window where people were actually interested in where he was going to go with his new endeavorrr

โ€œI DONT GIVE A FUCK telling ๐Ÿœ to go the way he used to be....โ€

Is that a shotgun wound on ants cheek?

Maybe. I don't know what caused his facial cratering, but I can tell you it's an accurate representation of it.

So you are saying zero blacks were involved with how he looks? ( not including parents)

More of this. Cant DCMA parody artwork.

u/Richard_C_Power straight up delaying suicides all over the place with these rib smashing posts. God bless!

Me hangover is awful today and I had to get up early for work but this gives the giggleys.

It really was the most pathetic few minutes Iโ€™ve ever watched as Anthony slinks down into his chair and stares directly into the camera with complete embarrassment.

Nah, ol' Colin never says 'niggers' outright, he calls them 'fellas' and the womenfolk 'lovely ladies'.

And never addresses the JQ

Pat Dixon feigning curiosity about the reproductive habits of the mentally challenged was a bright spot as well.

This is maybe my favorite O&A sub artwork of all time

Holy shit I just watched this again I canโ€™t believe that faggot really said that and made that horrid look at the camera

What a weak, tranny loving man

Not sure when or how I saw this, must have been you tube, it was so cringe worthy I turned it off.