Founder of the Opie & Anthony show, Anthony Cumia's Brother and world famous musician Joe "Brother Joe" "James Hefner" Cumia sent us modmail today!

127  2019-08-25 by ILoveYouJohnnyCakes

Now I know what Jim Norton feels like when he gets celebrity autographs! I totally get it now!

"***Literally every last post about ME?

"That’s absolutely Targeted Harassment. Time for a lawyer I guess. Have fun while it lasts girls!!***"

Our reply:

"You're a public figure, one of the founders of the Opie and Anthony show, and a recurring character/guest on the show. You're a celebrity. You can't pick and choose what the public has to say about you, and there's nothing illegal being said about you. Have fun wasting Anthony's money on a retainer."


We are trashing James Hefner, a fictional made up zero.

i heard his music is as good as 3 people playing it

How?! Is there a Digitech Looper involved?

Boy is there!

BOC are huge fans so suck it libtard.

One of them being Eric Clapton


He sent me some mod mail, I'm surprised he knew how

He's a moo-ron ron ron, a moo-ron ron

That's mighty big talk from a retarded cow

A moo-ron ron ron, a moo-ron ron

more like moo mail right gang

Suck it, Colleen.

why the fuck would faggot sr. gave his pissy eyed faggot sons a girl middle name

I just realized it was probably Joe sr's middle name too, which would explain the cowboy obsession & bloody asshole.

Is ants middle name a girls name too?

Anthony Gaylord Cumia

I remember Ant saying he never had a middle name... which means it must be a real sissy one

Ha, how did the sub find out about Colleen? Sorry for the dumb question I find it hilarious and wanna know.

Joe absolutely fucking LOVES all this attention.

Discussing a particular person isn't harassment. CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews and every other cable news outlet aren't harassing the President by covering what he's up to. Joe just doesn't like the unflattering nature of this place. If all we did was praise him and Anthony, there would be no need for lawyers and he wouldn't say we were harassing him.


Very disrespectful too.. Sad!

some are weird and some are strange

Joe's a cow at home on the range.

Weird MoOoOOoS



I literally have never heard of this "Joe 'Brother Joe' Cumia" fella before. Genuinely. I would tell you if I was lying.

Now James Hefner? That man is a retard and a faggot.

Do we know the names of these Reddit lawyers who are knowingly and repeatedly helping Joe commit felonies for personal gain?

Because that seems like a fine topic to discuss with the relevant State Bar Association.

It's just the "Reddit Legal" department. I don't think they're lawyers, as evidenced by their inappropriate handling of erroneous DMCAs. The lawyers don't touch anything until it's absolutely necessary.

they are called Babus and they resides in Mumbai, India

Pennies on the dollar!

Street shitters taking all the good jobs that belong to 'white' Italian men.

Joe doesn’t care. He got the girl

Hefner's girls always squirt.

That’s absolutely Targeted Harassment.

Not a crime, dumbass.

Time for a lawyer I guess.

Remember when the owner of Kiwi Farms told Joe to go fuck himself, and Joe responded that he was going to get a lawyer, and then he didn't and nothing happened? Do we think this time will be different?

Have fun while it lasts girls!!"

What an excellent insult for a man raising a daughter to use. I'm sure that unconscious bias against women never shows up in your parenting.


Just Google "Joe Cumia Kiwi Farms". There's one huge thread discussing Joe and another one "Null" posted about Joe's DMCA and Null's response to it.

I'm just going to add there's a livestream of the owner of Kiwi Farms watching Joe's People's Court appearance, and it's funny.

That guy's a good egg

His response... “Fuck off retard”

Time for a lawyer I guess.

This is probably the tenth time he's threatened this and he never follows through.

After losing one of his recent gigs, one of the people who contacted the venue was doxxed and he was a former comedian. Joe told him he would see him in small claims court. Joe shockingly never followed through on that.

Meanwhile, he's committing felonies with his false DMCA claims and his ex-wife accuses him of laundering his Anthony Money through Brother Joe Entertainment. Go ahead, Joe. Bring a lawyer into this. It will not go well for you. Especially since getting our subs banned deletes all of the posts. So unless you save everything (and via archived links, not screenshots because you're under People's Court oath saying that those are very easily manipulated), you don't even have evidence of whatever you're alleging.

This is probably the tenth time he's threatened this and he never follows through.

Is this the beginning of dementia?

Anth has his fingers crossed

Inside of a child, probably

No it's the end of funds

Doesn’t the fact that he’s repeatedly interacted with us, even to the point of using his presence as leverage for upvotes, take some of the wind out of his sails?

Hes sent me a DM on my old account. Isnt that “Targeted Harassment”??

Did that fag nigger just assume my gender??!!

An open letter to The Redditards from James C. Hefner esq.


Let him waste what's left of Kenny's Anthony's money. So what?

This subreddit has been up for years. And this fat bitch isnt even really famous but shes a public figure.

Not everyone has a thin skin like our Colleen


Which is odd because it literally contains the word "anal"

Joe Cumia seems like a nice young man but let me say this - this racist asshole James Heffler is probably the one hassling Joe and I don't like it!

You hear this Heffler.. you racist faggo.. get off Cumia's back or you'll see what happens when lawyers show up!

This motherfucker is too dumb to realise this would all stop if he just never posted again.

Opie, hate him or like him, has gotten substantially more abuse online than Anthony, Jim, Sam, and Joe combined for well over a decade and look how he responds. Barely, if at all, and what happens? People get bored with the lack of reaction from Opie and move on to thin-skinned people who take troll-bait.

I spent years listening to the Opster thinking that he was a fucking cancer to comedy and judging him for it.

I was so wrong.

He was the normal one. The non-raping-non-gay-non-pedo guy with the hot wife and a couple kids.

I'm so sorry Opie. I shoulda known.

I am ashamed.


we were blinded but now we see

I mean, Opie did some dumb shit and was bad to the people who made the show what it was (the comics and staff). But at least he had the humility to understand that the show was at its best when it was comedians fighting. Jim and Ant actually believe to this day that they were the show.

They aren't wrong tho.

I didn't listen for staff fights. I mostly tuned them out. Sam comes out and snarkily exposes the secrets his co-workers told him in confidence

I listened because the humor. Jim and Anthony delivered that humor. They are reprehensible monsters but they knew how to make me laugh.

Let's not pretend we tuned in for Opie's autistic/uncomfortable moments or shock jockery.

Just because Hitler was a stand-up fella in his personal life, doesn't mean he should be hailed as a great painter

Joe is still in a playground mentality where you stand up to your “bullies” and they will leave you alone.

Joe is the bully. He's threatened to beat me up on several occasions. Luckily if he was within arm's reach, he'd he begging to buy me a Starbucks and talk.

When you go to prison the first thing to do is find the dude with the biggest d and suck it

Why limit my success to prisons?

James Hefner is a faggot.

"This place doesn't get to me, I'm just come here to laugh at you retards"

3 days later

"I challenge any and all of you to a real life fist fight, as long as none of you except the invitation that is, in which case I was only joking"

One week later

"I'm not even bothered by this place anymore, I'm the master of puppets, you all worship the ground I walk on and I can leave anytime I want"

One day later

"I'm going to sue all 3,000 of you"

Pick a lane Joe.

He's all over the road!

That’s the Joseph lane 😎

Joe's Lawyer: "Wait, so you get the subs shut down, then come to the new sub and brag about getting the old one shut down? I don't think legal action is the solution here, you dopey fuck."


He's messaging from his "doxxer100" account, the one he confirmed belongs to him, several times.

the fake lawyer dummy, not joe, there's nothing remotely remarkable or noteworthy about him posting here

I know. You've stated your disdain several times over. That's all you contribute. Why don't you make your own sub interesting with content you enjoy? Or do you actually enjoy the CP Media garbage you illegally download and post there?


You called me "dummy", stupid. And all you ever do is complain about the mods of various iterations of the original sub.



After I posted that 'The U2 show schedule' he had it dmca'd and he took it down from the site it was on. Which makes me think that was his actual schedule. There were no big "corporate gigs" on there, just events that losers in a cosplay band would love to play because it makes them feel like real rock stars. Events like the local fishing derby.

What stinks more - Heffer's guitar skills or all the dead fish?

He is loying because he is mooing. Lawyers always tell you not to moo.

Joe, since i know you will read this, let me tell you your biggest unfixable legal mistake : you claimed to be responsible for the show multiple times, even on video. Thats it man. You got NOTHING but your own ego stroked making that claim, yet now nearly all your legal recourse is gone.

Show your fictional lawyer the video of you claiming to be responsible with your swastica tshirt on. See if im full of shit.

I wont stop contacting them either, faggot.

So....he’s got receipts ?

Considering he said

Carry on

THREE times, I think that's what we should do.

Done with the love letters? Please.

I've lost count of how many times he's said he's done, and I'm still laughing that the moron thinks we have a "no posts about that author" rule is because Reddit told us we can't post about him. Holy shit.


I have a sliver of respect for Pat. He always fought back, always fought fair, and wouldn't suffer Joe's slimeball maneuvering.

Tip o' the hat for Fat Pat.

Wow. He cracked. Bad.

/u/Doxxer100 I thought you had our IP addresses? I thought you were taking legal action months ago? Surely a tough motherfucking rockstar veteran wouldn't just lie, would he? Come on, Joey. Tell everyone who I am. Expose me.

He does not want to be exposed as a complete fraud, being dishonorable discharges. They should have locked his potato peeling eggplant arse in Leavenworth for 25 years.

Yay Santa brought a new modmail

Joe is PANICKING, because of the DMCA shit. He’s the only one committing felonies here, not the sub. So he’s threatening the sub outright, before his actions catch up to him. And I’m sure he’s fed the lawyer a line of bullshit about how’s he’s the real victim here. If that “lawyer” knew what Joe was doing, he’d recuse himself from representing Joe.

His lack of’s almost tragic.

Saying "carry on" is a way of feeling like he's controlling the situation, where in reality, this has no impact but add further hilarity.

Nice safety blanket, stupid

" “Joseph Cumia is a pedophile” " -Joseph Cumia

In my opinion, James Hefner is a retarded tryhard faggot. Stfu you greaseball cosplaying bitch.

So when your brother and his 4 listeners tried to get me fired from my job wasn’t targeted harassment? Eat shit, you fat cow.

I love how when we document Joe's horrific racism via screenshots it's all photoshop and inadmissible in court but when he screenshots us making fun of him it's 110% legitimate proof. Fucking moron. I would suck RamonFrunkis' dick if he took Joe to court over this.

Even fat mushmouthed retard Brendun Slob doesn't DMCA the fighter and the kid sub, which has turned into a sub devoted to hating him.

Oh fer shure

I don't get why this bovine idiots doesn't understand that if he literally stopped giving this sub attention for a week, we'd get bored of him and move on to someone else.

He's literally the cow that just keeps on giving more milk.

Reminds me of Maddox. Tried to sue a bunch of people for talking shit about him. He lost terribly.



"You know the difference between what’s morally right and wrong...Don’t pretend to be so stupid"

Okay, let's try it out!

Driving on the shoulder of the freeway and calling it the Joseph Lane: wrong

Making your daughter late to, or outright miss, school constantly: wrong

Knowing your brother masturbates while enjoying child pornography: wrong

Harboring convicted child rapist Jeffery Hollander AKA Kurt Love in your home: wrong

Pretending it was Bobo's house and not yours: wrong

Lusting after and grabbing your own sister's breasts: wrong

Leaving your mother to die alone in confusion: wrong

Filing countless, completely baseless DMCA legal notices about content you did not create and do not own: wrong

People are always digging through people’s social media and sending it to the press or where they work to get them in trouble if they’ve said horrible shit so I don’t get why joe thinks this will all be cool when they bring up his shitty racist tweets. (If this does ever go to court)


Fuck you we will NEVER stop.