Welcome to the new /r/metalgbt!

5  2012-01-28 by ebcube

I'd like to make of this a free space for post-drama discussion of whatever is relevant to LGBT subreddits.

What do you think?


I'll be honest, when I saw the name of this subreddit, I thought it was a portmanteau of metal and lgbt, derp

I'd like that very much.

We should probably update the sidebar and define a purpose for the subreddit for what type of posts should be included here (and what's not to be brought in).

I updated the sidebar as soon as I regained control of the subreddit. I think that, if drama arises, this should be a good place to (politely and reasonably) discuss it. I just don't want it to turn into a circlejerk of /r/lgbt expats.

I was thinking of changing to something a bit more broad than the recent drama in /r/lgbt - perhaps in an effort to move on, and find other uses for this group. I'd suggest something like:

There's a reddit for everything, including many lgbt-related subreddits. This is the place to talk about them. Talk about creating a new subreddit, existing subreddits, what mods should or shouldn't do, how to make reddit's lgbt reddits a great place to visit where everyone can find something.

Hmm... then have a bullet list of related groups - redirecting to /r/subredditdrama, as you've done.

I think this is a sub for lgbt folks that are into metal... the music.

i am for this

I was going to say, I'm a lesbian into metal...