All Known Alias of Anthony Cumia on Twitter -

1  2019-09-22 by Sternacthegreat

@PoolsideDino @Felicia68085034 @CompoundBoss

@HardyFelicia1 is down, nice work fellows :).

And as always, fuck Cumia.


Carl was really upset over the deletion of the subs and the stress killed the brothaman. The Cumia's killed Carl, now we kill some twitter accounts.

The only way we can avenge Carl’s death is by getting the hot dog nigger thrown in prison.

Where he can get his cornhole hotdogged all day long

is "poolsidedino" the super secret one he was talking about lol?

He's very ban happy with that one. He usually just mutes.

Fuck yes


what about @thecumiashow

This ain't their show!

Nana's precious, precious Twitter accounts are the key. Take those out and he collapses, which sends Uncle Udders into a frenzy, which gets the hilarity rolling. Nana simply has to tweet, it's his life blood. If he ever completely lost the ability to tweet he'd be dead within seven days, tops.

Which one is the wildly anti-Isl*m, anti-black, anti-liberal one that he says is secret?

I don't know but couldn't the same takes be found on his daily podcast?

He had one named after his cat, I don't remember what it was though

Congrats on @HardyFelicia1 !