We ova here now

1  2019-09-22 by H4f3rk0rn

Joe Cumia allegedly consumes the saliva of minors


i guess ant enjoys having to make new twitter accounts every 3-4 months and the heff enjoys not being able to advertise any gigs

We are truly the Sons of Nanarchy.

That should be the next sub name.

It should be “maybekissyou”


This should be the new feed nana lighthouse. Just search ruizing and you'll be fine.

We wuz kings

Also apparently over six foot tall and has a 120 iq

I use to b ova dere, now I'm ova here continuin' to mock da Bovine.

So what triggered the latest ban?

Ruizing quotes?

Probably faggots and fagalts mass reporting our subs hundreds of times because a banned mod slighted one of them one time months ago.

Oh, that faggot still has a sore vagina?

There's more than one. SamRobertsPhiltrum and likely a few other like-minded faggots who killed the forum. Probably one or two autists from the tranny's sub/discord. There's also that Korean schizo with multiple alts who hates us for the most bizarre reasons, I don't think he even knows anything about O&A or the sub's culture.

I honestly don't care. If they are pissed then fine, go wild. But why take our whole structure down as collateral damage? Keep it in PMs or off-site. We have enough damage to control from our enemies, we don't need internal beefs too.

why not just host a board somewhere? there's obviously a distinctive cultural difference from wackbag and the energy to post more than every three days.

I spend time with my wife for 5 fucking minutes

You really biffed it this time

i was over there, and over there, and over there, but now i’m ova here.

I like this abandon subreddit bit. Huhuhilarious!

Who ever gets angry? It's fucking hilarious at this point.

I don't get angry anymore but (and I'm not kidding) every time it happens, my jaw drops and I say "holy shit" as if I'm surprised.

I'm fucking stupid.

I’m just mad that the world misses out on all my zingers every time we’re deleted

Shut up link slave

you followed faggycakes right down the path of killing the entire ona sub experience, faggot

Lol you give ant money. Faggot.

Um no I don't, gaybo McCumbreath

eta; just realised why you said this gay shit. I don't watch a single CM show you utter knobjockey

Prove you don't faggot. That's what I thought. Go suck off ant homo.

lol you are the most virulently homosexual piece of dogshit I've ever come across. Right across your eyes and nose, all sticky and hot.

You give compound media money. Faggot.

I actively stop people from doing so, you mixed up negro homogayfag

Lolololol lying homosexual. You pay ant and enjoy his programming. Faggot.

I would sooner suck your microgaypenis

I know you would. Fag.


Can you fags behave? Go meet up, pay for each other's breast implants and peg along.

no, no fags can't behave

Carl is feeding nana with Jesus now.


Vijoeh Buddhuu Queuemia supports hate speech. Thank you come again.


had no idea this congregation was still getting together until I sought it out after hearing someone Ruized himself onto a slab at the morgue.

That's a nice touch