We need individual subs for each one of our targets

1  2019-09-23 by PsychopathyRed

That just may be the ticket, gang. It's only like 3 guys at most who YMCA us. A Sam Roberts sub would stay up for a very long time imo


We'd get YKWD'd regardless. Theres people out there that hate the players, not the game

can i have a funny comedy target sub plz k thx

Vurry intriguing.

We could do r/WormSub, r/UglyWrestlerFans, etc


I think it's a good idea, fight the war against hackery on multiple fronts, but there's enough division within the sub already.

I already jump across multiple subs daily for this shit and it's not really a big deal to do. I think this could work

r/CavemanSam for your Sammy posts.

Sam already has a sub

I just found that out

He’s the one who started his own sub, what a faggot.

So did Geoff Leech. And he moderates his own sub and deletes all my posts

Really that’s fucked up.