Patrick inadvertently admitting that the police are not taking him seriously in any way. Nice job wasting their time instead of just ignoring the trolls patso.

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"Ok Mr. Tomlinson, it says that Patrickisanigger called you a fat faggot. Well, you're not exactly skinny... and you have been staring at my dick through this whole interview while rubbing your crotch. Are you sure he's wrong? Also you state that you're an author, do you understand that lying to the police is a crime?"

I'm embarassed to admit that Patso gave me a chuckle with that tweet.

That’s not really Patrick. His handle is @stealthygeek

It's his backup account for when his real account gets temp banned. Dude is just like the cumia's.

Holy shit, you have to be kidding me. Middle-aged men obsessed with social pathetic

Yup. His last tweet on that account was Aug 6th. Same day he got the stealthygeek one back. Fat loser.

So he was evading a Twitter ban (which is against their policies). Will people with a twitter please report that? Or that that account is impersonating him?

What's with these leftists being all sneaky when it comes to breaking rules?

His 3 thousand + dollar receipt got him his account back. Yes this miserable cucked faggot spent thousands of dollars of Nikki's money so he could push mindless lefty bullshit to other pedophiles. Dude is more pathetic than the cumias.

Of fucking course he would tweet at Brianna Wu.

One sexually confused, unhinged pathological liar attracts another.

Birds of a feather fuck children together.

He looks like he's made out of ham

The really fatty, bone-in style.

You mean when he takes black dick?

His cut would be regular pork belly. As his sense of humor is bland and not qualified to be considered delicious bacon.

The fact that he didn't see this response coming from a mile away shows what a delusional narcissist he is.

"Look I know you see horrific abuse and violence everyday, but I at least expected you to be up to date on the number one website for talking about marvel and star wars"

This must be a lie - how delusional do you have to be to not be utterly embarrassed by this? Goddamn he needs serious help.

If it's true, he's saying that he took time out of his day to waddle his ass over to the police station and waste their time because he can't take shitposts from a message board that he doesn't need to look at or be involved with.

If you were a cop, would you take him seriously or would you try to get him out of your face ASAP so you could go back to getting your real work done?

Patrick hears about murder, rape and kids being abducted on the news every night and thinks to himself, "yes, people calling me fat is just as important as these other crimes. I shall head to the police station posthaste! When I tell them that people I constantly antagonize respond to my antagonization by calling me fat they'll surely subpoena Reddit, spend months combing through miles of VPN protected IPs and then launch a nationwide manhunt for the cyberbullies!"

The only way anyone here could possibly be in trouble for mocking Pat is if they're mentioned in a note left next to a pair of dangling feet. Even then, the paranoid delusion expressed in said note, combined with losing a wife and failing miserably at a dream job, would likely lead them to believe you just lost your mind.

He actually once tried to vomoare himself to someone who got swatted and was shot and killed by the police. Because yeah, being killed is totally comparable to being called a fat faggot.

He also compared his struggles with a mass shooting.

Police Officer: who are you ?

Patso: I’m Patrick S. Tomlinson, author, stand up comic and political fire brand

Police Officer: And you’re being harassed ? Are they calling your house? Showing up there? Are they showing up to your place of work and bothering you ?

Patso: Yes, I’m being harassed, they say mean things about me on the Internet, on social media. They make memes about me and call me names like Patso and Fatty Patty.

Police Officer; what did you do to draw their ire?

Patso: all I said was I didn’t think Norm MacDonald was funny.

Police Officer: look Mr. Tomlinson, I’m back logged on murders and rapes. We’ve had a string of home invasions that we’re investigating and we’re trying to stop a meth epidemic that’s killing our community. I understand that words hurt but on the list of crimes to solve, yours are on the bottom of the list.

Patso: But I’m a public figure...... fuck you and Fuck the police , bunch of fascist pigs anyway.

You forgot his scoff of disbelief when they asked “who are you?”

Patso: all I said was I didn’t think Norm MacDonald was funny.

He doesn't have this level of self awareness. He truly thinks we're all alt-right neo-nazis that are targeting him for his political beliefs and political statements in the past. I'm not even sure he's aware of the whole Norm thing and just rationalizes it as blowback from being such an important political firebrand.

Oh Fatrick my sweet, plump cherub, the thought of you lumbering into a police station - all sweating and breathless - and demanding that the valuable time of actual police officers is used to stop people giving you one star reviews on Amazon and calling you tubby is exactly why this won't stop. You're a goldmine.

Damn it now I'm picturing his Michelin man like body waddling into a station and christ niggas ribs is hurtin.

I think he dressed up for the occasion. He ironed a button down shirt the night before and picked out his most slimming pants. He must have looked like stupid.

"Hello police? They're making fun of me online again, I can't believe no arrests have been made yet. Also I'd like to report a hate crime - my ex wife said she didn't find me sexually attractive and doesn't respect me."

Pat used to brag he was a “shit-stirrer” on the internet for arguing and making fun of people who didn’t agree with him. Then when people made fun of him he cried and claimed he was a victim of a serious crime. Cry Bully at its best, child.

Mess with a sex God and find out, child. Your pal Rick S Tomlinson.

I wanna buy that cop a beer. He knew what he was doing.

Milwaukee PD

Real ass police department of the week

Oh God and he walked into the police station to do it, with his undulating tits and everything

Literally the only thing he has done to make me laugh unironically

You got the archive of this? Or can you repost the link here so I can capture it and put it on voat right away so it doesn't die from the internet? lol!

It should be in my post history as a newer one. I reposted it and it hasn't been taken down. It's a post from his alt account rather than stealthygeek.

I found it and posted it - big relief. Thanks!

TYFYS. I've started just reposting everything Patso DMCA's. It makes me laugh to think about him hunched over his keyboard, fripoing grease and sweat as he frustratingly files another claim.