You have messed with the wrong people.

84  2019-08-27 by ScottfromSanQuentin


Nigga mah ribs !

Joe looks like a punk huffing paint outside of a 7-11.

That's actually how his parents met.

You thought you owned this website. Bigger people had wilted before you in the past. You'd never faced consequences before. Your victims made national news, and yet you kept trolling on. You really, truly believed you were untouchable. And then you fucked with me. I can shut you down with a keystroke. I haven't, because I sincerely enjoy watching all of you squirm as you fail to recapture what you used to be. But it's growing tedious. You're not delivering.

Dance for me. -- Pat

He can't choke to death on a hunk of bratwurst soon enough

My ribs hurtin

He talks like he's some kind of medieval king, sitting on a throne and eating a giant turkey leg.

I had forgotten just how much I hated that fatass queer.

Welcome back, Brotherman

Haha You too, man.

If eating giant turkey legs is a key qualifier for being a medieval king, then I'd say Patty is well on his way. Judging by the recent pics, I'd say he's picked up the pace over the past few months.

He is pushing for God Emperor Status - that is a lot of legs.

Anyone else picking up that 'guy who is excited to go into town' vibe?

When did tubby pen that screed?

Fucking unhinged chubster

This is really good work

theres actually never been a combo as effective and ruthless as pulitzer pat and war hero joe. the dmca dynamic duo. unstoppable, folks.

the dynamic duo wins again! also, opie is a coprophilic pedophile

Ichise with a positively-upvoted comment. These are chaotic times indeed.

His unwavering continuance of the bit is worthy of an upvote.

Thank you for keeping your bit going. Pulitzer Pat actually did win, War Hero Joe is still a faggot.

Pat came to the closest to "winning, " people actually took his lawsuit bullshit seriously. To the point the admin of the opienanthony website got so scared he shut down his forum. Imagine that, of all the things, people would wind up taking a fat lolcow on the internet screaming about suing over being called names seriously.

In reality Fatso would bankrupt himself with a dog bite lawyer to simply be told by a judge he's a public figure and to deal with it.

Dangernoodle is a fucking retard dude, he made up bullshit that we were giving him death threats on there. When all we were doing was posting about the niggers, jews, some porn. I really miss the morning nigger.

Hi, Leaveitalonesniff!

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Fucking yuck, faggot bot!

I think that faggot site was taken down because people posted porn over there and the hosting company took it down.

It was a dead stupid site anyway.

Joe is fucking hittable because he looks like a retard that would fuck up your sandwich at a mainstream sandwich shop even though you pointed to the ingredient you actually wanted. Patrick just looks like he thinks he's actuallly a good person thats better than you and should have his ass whooped just for mentioning the idea of violence towards women.

I hate the way it shook out where Logan Lynn becomes the primary subs namesake