Just to bring you lost children up to speed on Patrick's latest developments

74  2019-08-27 by TholianWebSpinner

  • Patrick paid thousands of dollars to a lawyer to get him his Twitter back, now he's bitching about his lost blue check
  • Patrick cried about getting pizzas and taxis sent to his house even though he still eats it.
  • Racist Patrick refuses to admit his shitty bike was made in Thailand and not in England.
  • Patrick bragged about beating the trolls.
  • Patrick refuses to admit his book sales are horrendous.
  • Patrick uploaded disgusting topless selfies to his Instagram.
  • Patrick failed miserably at his latest sc-ifi cons gaining no new followers.
  • Patrick claims he's writing opeds for major newspapers for money even though not a single paper published his garbage for more than 2 years.
  • Racist Patrick locks his Instagram every night before he goes to bed because he's scared of new brown Pakistani followers.
  • Patrick tried to buy a Nazi toy in Germany and was refused.
  • Patrick has quit the half marathon

Patrick has quit the half marathon

Has this been confirmed?

Patrick used to upload his disgusting topless selfies and bloated sweaty face with updates on his training for the marathon every day, not anymore in the last weeks.

He also gained more fat and denies vehemently that he quit when he's been asked about it.

He also knows marathoninvestigation.com is after him.

All of this leads me to the conclusion he quit 100% sure.

Holy shit.

Good enough for me.

I put him on the radar of marathoninvestigation com due to his bragging about running a 1:50 half marathon. This fatass can’t waddle a 5k in that time but I suspected that he would cut the course and claim “victory over the trolls”, which is sadly common in timed races.

Marathoninvestigation.com is a great resource that scours race photos, split times, and all sorts of resources to identify cheaters. Once Fatty found out that he was a big fat target for that glorious website he immediately slunk away from his claimed times for the half...then, as the other poster said, he stopped with the disgusting, bloated topless selfies.

We won, he lost. However, he didn’t lose weight, just pride in himself and an opportunity to cheat at a road race.

I expect Fattycakes to resurface at some half-marathon out in the boonies with an unconfirmed low time in order to lie to himself and others...but we’ll all know he cheated to get it. These self-aggrandizing typed always use the same playbook.

He's just a lousy Frank Meza copycat.

Let’s hope he copies Dr Meza’s downfall

I believe Mr. Meza was murdered by the Clintons.

God damn, you guys really have been keeping this shithead on his toes. It's great that we've diversified our manpower into stopping even lesser known child predators and serial rapists.

Yeah dude we were having a great fucking time over at opienanthony.com until dangernoodle made bullshit up that we were making death threats. Guy even tried scaring us with fake investigation shit. Shut us down good, a real u/spaceedge.

I was wondering about that . Truth be told, I am tired of Joe posts, and the Fat Pat posts were, in my opinion, the shot in the arm that we needed It made me really sad that so many mods folded in front of Fatty McFatfat. It validates his opinion that he is somehow immune from criticism.

Good work

Holy shit fucking thank you for your service

Did Pat spend any money on a lawyer to get visitation rights to see his daughter?

He paid a lawyer to make sure he didn't get any custody. ...allegedly.

No he did not. He willingly signed away all rights away so as to keep the "allegations" sealed

Cumia esque

Can you imagine growing up knowing that your real father wants nothing to do with you? Imagine what that does to a kid's esteem and self worth. But Fattycakes couldn't give 2 shits about the kid.

For me that's the most glaring example of what an asshole the guy is. Put down the fucking toys and fanfiction and be a father for fucks sakes.

I think this is one of those occasions where a kid is happy to believe his mom cheated to have him. It has the advantage of also being the truth. If I remember correctly, didn't Pat once say he only penetrated her anallg with painfully large household objects?


He willingly posted pictures of his pendulous man-tits that got covered in sweat during the strenuous workout of pulling his shirt over his fat fucking head. Despite this he still insists that he isn't fat. We can all tell he's fat though because we share the commonality of sight.

Easy with the ableism there pal. Last warning.

r/StarshipRepo is our hub if the latest influx of faggots brings this place down

No! We must take that sub and make it a glowing and cheerful sub about Will Tate's masterworks. Pat stole the name Starship Repo from Will Tate's.

Tate did not deserve that date! We shall bring honor and justice to his life and put respect on his god damn name to spite fatty

pizzas and taxis sent to his house even though he still eats it

he ate the taxi?

His appetite is insatiable

You forgot to mention Susan

Who is Susan and what happened to the pretty, little psycho?

Susan is a sexy 12 year old

The right kind of 12...?

I'm not being sarcastic. He named his car Susan.

Fucking fag. Why not go full faggot and name it Colleen?

Reminder to report all his tweets

Ain't it fun?

Oh he's back on Twitter? We'll see about that.

I have reported at least 40 of his insane violence insiteing posts since he's back. I feel I'm fighting the war alone I welcome you to my war fellow patriot.

He would post gym selfies of his bloated face with his usual amount of sweat claiming he had just ran a couple miles but never posted pics of his treadmill readings. If pat had actually ran what he claimed he would post the treadmill numbers since he has an insane ego. Pics or it didn’t happen, child.

i don’t care how much of a “no-name” patrick is. he’s earned a lifetime of harassment regardless. i will not rest until he’s so obese that his house has to be disassembled to remove his corpse. hear that pattycakes? you will eat yourself to death & it will be entirely your own fault. start penning that suicide note now bitch

The only good parts of the other subs was no Pat.

It did feel nice to forget about him.

But if he's still talking shit he can still get hit

The only people hes "talking shit to" are the people that got the last 2 subs shutdown.

Get back to googling and cropping cow pics

I was always fascinated by his relationship with this supposed second wife. As I recall she didn't wear a wedding band and even their pictures together seem uncomfortable. Pictures of 19th Century Quakers revealed more intimacy.

Oh dear. This feller seems like he's got some problems, I'd say.

Holy shit where's the evidence he gave up on the marathon?

Whatever happened to the 300 IP spreadsheet?