Look at me Instagram! I'm a real Nazi fighter. They might all be holding signs about my pedophile science fiction friends abusing kids but they're real Nazis, child! I went to Dachau for my honeymoon! I'm an expert!

9  2019-10-01 by Dominus_Odium


The amount of clear cut lying he did about this whole thing is insane. You really can't trust anything he says, I believe he is a compulsive liar at this point

If you watch all the footage that's out there, this is the extent of his involvement in the event. He came out, counted the anti-pedophilia protestors, took some selfies and left.

Then he went online and claimed he stood down Nazis screaming for "blood and soil" because he saw that Nazis chanted that on a plaque in some exhibit during his death camp honeymoon.

Candid photos reveal his fatness

The camera adds 90 pounds child, I'm a marathon runner.